Kate Upton highlights her natural beauty in denims

Beauty secrets of the model are more in demand as she stole hearts in skintight jeans accentuating her long legs at LAX after she signed a deal with the Next Model Agency.

Kate Upton beauty secrets

Upton made it clear to everyone that she has the ability to turn any walk into a catwalk as she gracefully moved around at the LAX. The young model exuded beauty and confidence as she made her way to L.A. after having spent time with her family in New York.

Her long and sensual legs could be seen in skinny dark blue jeans. The star of the Other Woman was travelling with very minimal luggage and seemed much laid back.

Kate Upton highlights her natural beauty in denims

Kate Upton beauty secrets:

Her entire luggage consisted of a saddle bag that she slung effortlessly over her shoulder. A hued shirt and a pair of white lace-up sneakers completed the outfit of the blonde bombshell.

Her beauty secrets are the talk of the town and there are very few young girls who do not envy her great form and style.

For accessory, she chose a bright dazzling smile as she covered her flawless facial skin with dark glasses. Apparently, she wasn’t wearing any make-up over her visage.

The trademark tresses of the stunner were swept back into a bun which seemed more than perfect for travelling. Her fans have always been more interested in her beauty and fitness secrets.

The busty model and actress has been balancing her highly lucrative career along with her plans for getting married. She has been engaged to Justin Verlander since the beginning of this year.

Verlander is a baseball player and Kate has been dating him for the past many years. Kate Upton broke the news about their upcoming marriage with a gleeful smile. She said that her beau asked for her hand just before the start of the season that is why both of them are keeping it low for a while.

Apparently, the couple is very excited about their wedding. They mutually designed the engagement ring that Kate has shown off more than once.

And of course, there is another reason for Kate to be happy. She has recently signed a contract with the prestigious Next Model. The deal will greatly enhance her future prospects within the industry.

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