Khazarian Jewish Mafia will Eliminate All the Human Beings

If not checked by the loyalist Americans, non-Zionist Jews and peace-loving citizens of every other religious community, Khazarian Jewish Mafia will eliminate all the human beings.

Khazarian Jewish Mafia will Eliminate All the Human Beings

Many Jewish writers have objected that a number of writers and authors confuse the term Khazarian Mafia by amalgamating it with the Jews. But, fact remains that in context of the modern history, collective interests and present phenomena of the world, it is much difficult to differentiate between these two entities. 

We should know that by ignoring their strong alignment, still, a majority of the writers, bloggers and authors use the term Khazarian Mafia instead of Khazarian Jewish Mafia. Wikipedia points out that the Khazarian king Bulan (Khazar) had chosen Judaism as the religion of the Khazarians. So, as regards the earlier history, we can use the term Khazarian Mafia. But, now, we should use the term Khazarian Jewish Mafia (KJM).

It is notable that visibly or invisibly, many big cartels of the world are owned by the KJM. By controlling the major multinational corporations, arms factories, five star hotels, oil companies, liquor business, food industries, technologies, mining and mineral resources, banks, film industry, print and electronic media in the US in particular and the world in general—having influence on the UNO, financial institutes like World Bank and IMF, Khazarian Jewish Mafia (KJM) has converted the world into a corporate industry, which manly work for the interests of the Mafia.

When we talk about the control of America and the world, there is no difference between the Khazarian Mafia, Jews and Israel. In this regard, many intellectuals like Don Allen and others reveal, “The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)…was part of a conspiracy to gain control of both US political parties to use them as instruments…seventy-three percent of the members of the Council on Foreign Relations are Jews. There are a number of organizations that comprise the Invisible Government that runs America and the world…from behind the scenes. A Jewish group which is in control of national governments and multinational corporations promotes world government through control of the military, media, foundation grants and education including NGOs…and controls and guides the issues of the day, and thus they control most options available. They will manage the money, the land, the food, and the guns of everyone in the world.”

The extent of Jewish grip on the US Administration and American policies could also be judged from the observation of Mike Stathis who, while quoting Senator William J., writes, “The great majority of the Senate of the United States…somewhere around 80 percent…are completely in support of Israel, anything Israel wants. This has been demonstrated time and again.” And “without the all out support by the US in money and weapons and so on the Israelis could not do what they have been doing.”

In the words of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, “It is long been clear that the pro-Israel, ultra-Zionist network have absolute control over the United States. The idea that our leaders are pursuing America’s vital national interests abroad…is a myth.”

However, it is most surprising to note that especially since the orchestrated drama of the 9/11 attacks, on the one side, Khazarian Jewhish Mafia (KJM) has been acting upon its evil designs by targeting  the non-Zionist Americans and the international community, while, on the other, it is, rapidly, jeopardizing its financial interests by destabilizing the global economy. 

It is mentionable that after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, in consultation with his Zionist-advisers and neoconservatives, American former President Bush (The Senior) introduced the New World Order (NWO), with the US acting as a global policeman to protect the political and economic interests of Israel and the American Jews. The Third World (Islamic World) was compelled to realign their domestic policies according to Washington’s dictates. In this respect, UNO, IMF and World Bank were also used as the KJM agents. In order to obtain the hidden agenda of the Khazarian Jewish Mafia, the US imposed its sudden terms of globalization such as quick liberalization of economy, free markets, privatization and de-nationalization etc. on the ill-prepared less developed countries, which resulted into foreign-based dominance of the MNCs which easily defeated the host states’ economic plan and monetary policy—left behind shattered nations and a global financial crisis. It further widened the gap between the poor and the rich countries (Or G-7).

In this context, Professor Timothy Gorringe in his book, “Fair Shares: Ethics and the Global Economy”, writes “Globalization…trade is largely controlled by a small number of huge corporations…disintegration of communities and its replacement by the market…has the potential of destroying society.”

It is noteworthy that the US and other developed countries produce ‘surplus’ which is being exported to the less developed countries, including the Islamic countries. Latest machines produce products quickly, and rapid means of communication and correspondence through internet or email have accelerated the business transactions. But, in the present world, terrorism is being manipulated by the KJM, while, at the same time, they are damaging their monetary interests by following conflicting strategies.

In the recent years, during the meetings of IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organization; violent protests were seen by the anti-globalists who were Western nationals. Surprisingly, despite its failure, KJM continued to drive the project of globalization through the sole superpower without bothering for its negative impact.

In political terms, America’s child-killing sanctions against Iraq and Iran; late action to curb ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, support to Israel’s aggressive occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, with vetoing any effective action by the UN to curb the Israeli state terrorism greatly annoyed the Muslims all over the world. Similarly, this mafia continued to support Indian state terrorism in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

When President George W. Bush became the US president, he and the neo-conservatives crossed all the limits in securing the political, economic and religious interests of the Jews and Israel at the cost of Muslims and patriot Americans. Under the mask of the 9/11 catastrophe, their preplanned strategy led by KJM headed towards dangerous moves like employment of power-diplomacy on the weak states like Pakistan and other Muslim countries including almost all the Arab states which joined Bush’s phony anti-terrorism war, while American President Barrack also followed similar flawed policies to safeguard the illegitimate interests of Israel and the KJM.

Both the presidents, Obama and Bush deliberately created chaos in the Muslim World. In this connection, occupation of Afghanistan (Prolonged war) and Iraq, proxy wars in the Middle East, regime change in Libya and Egypt through unrest, support to Al-Qaeda (Al-Nusra Front) and Islamic State group (Also known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh) by American CIA-Israeli Mossad in Syria and Iraq, promotion of sectarian violence in the Islamic World on the basis of Shia and Sunni have given a greater blow to the world’s economic stability which is essential for Khazarian Jewish Mafia.

When in September 2015, Russian-led coalition of Iran, Iraq, the Syrian army-the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Lebanon-based Hezbollah started breaking the backbone of the terrorists of ISIS, Al-Qaeda’s Al-Nusra Front and the rebels in Syria and Iraq, Mossad which was already having clandestine contact with the ISIS directed this outfit to plan the November 13 (2015) terror attacks in Paris in connivance with the French home-grown militants. Similarly, when Russian-led forces began retaking many cities from the control of these insurgents, on the other side, agents of Mossad who were in collaboration with the CIA sympathizers and the ISIL militants arranged various sorts of terror attacks in Europe and the US.

Through all these false flag terror operations, the US and Israel wanted to obtain the covert aims of the KJM against Russia, the Muslims and the patriot Americans. Mossad had also provided the pro-Israeli US President Donald Trump with an opportunity to manipulate various terror assaults of Europe and America to win the US presidential election and to reunite America and Europe, as a rift was created between America and its Western allies, especially Europe on a number of issues, including NATO and trade. And, President Trump had left no stone unturned in implementing anti-Muslim policies, while speaking openly against the Muslims and Syrian immigrants. Trump had started exaggerating the threat of Islamophobia, while, some incidents were not linked to ISIS, but were the result of self-radicalization of the individuals.

After becoming the US President, Donald Trump started acting upon the hidden agenda of Israel and the Khazarian Jewish Mafia. His decisions such as tough screening process for the Muslims and executive order regarding a ban on arrivals to the US from a number of mainly-Muslim countries might be cited as instance.

President Trump’s connections with Israel and KJM were undoubtedly proved when Trump Administration announced the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, last year. President Trump implemented his decision of December 6, 2018 by officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and reversed nearly seven decades of American foreign policy and set in motion a plan to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the fiercely contested Holy City.

It is of particular attention that it is owing to the encouragement of the President Trump that the Israeli regime officially declared their status as “the Jewish State” where only Jewish people have rights to self-determination.

Khazarian Jewish Mafia forgot that angry elements within the Muslim countries, particularly the pro-Arab states may react against America and its interests in the form of terrorism and other violent actions.

Unquestionably, the US president’s move on Jerusalem have created new risks for all of Washington’s allies in the Middle East, as the decision will offer extremist groups a valuable opportunity to capitalise on anti-US sentiment and direct such anger towards those regimes which are close to America and non-confrontational towards Israel. While, the world is already witnessing various kinds of terrorism-related assaults, acceleration of terror-attacks would further destabilize the world by harming the political and monetary interests of the KJM.

Notably, various developments and some other ones such as reluctance of NATO countries to support America’s fake global war on terror,  acceptance of Syrian refuges by the European countries, especially Germany, criticism of the controversial Turkish-EU refugee deal by a number of human rights groups, the EU rule to boycott goods produced in Israeli settlements on the West Bank, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), after the referendum (Brexit) on June 24, 2016, prospects of Scotland and some other countries for separation from the EU, and the divide between the elite class which run multinational companies with the direct or indirect control of the Jews (KJM) and the general masses who are suffering from multiple problems in wake of differences on the refugee crisis, Syrian war, Greece’s weak economy, violent protests against the labour laws in France etc.—the chances of European Union’s disintegration and a rift among the NATO countries, as noted in the recent past by the “Stop NATO protests in Europe were quite opposite to the Israeli secret interests and those of the KJM.

Even, in case of the South Asia also, cognitive dissonance of the Khazarian Jewish Mafia is damaging their interests. In this respect, on the one hand, the Mafia considers India as its largest market, while, it is creating unrest in the region on the other.

In this regard, since the fundamentalist party BJP led by the Indian Prime Minister Narindra Modi came to power in India, it has been implementing anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan agenda. Encouraged by the fanatic Trump, assaults on Muslims, Christians and other minorities by the Hindu extremist parties have continued. New Delhi which has strategic partnership with Tel Aviv has perennially been manipulating the double game of the US-led West in relation to world phenomena of terrorism in connection with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

As regard the recent war-like situation between India and Pakistan, which started in the aftermath of the false flag Pulwama terror attack in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), tension which involves the risk of nuclear war still exists, as the extremist government of the BJP led by the Indian fundamentalist Prime Minister Modi has refused the mediatory role of any country, while continuing war hysteria against Pakistan in wake of acceleration of shelling across the Line of Control (LoC), which has resulted into many casualties in the Pakistani side of Kashmir. On the other side, Pakistan’s armed forces are on high alert to give a matching response to any Indian prospective aggression or war. Earlier, Indian Air Force conducted pre-emptive air strike near the town of Balakot, close to the border with Pakistan’s sector of Kashmir on February 27, 2018, claiming that Indian fighter jets targeted the camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and killed 350 militants—the group whom New Delhi blamed for the Pulwama attack. Next day, in response, Pakistan Air Force launched aerial strikes at six targets in the IOK and shot down two Indian fighter jets and captured Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman who was released as a gesture of peace and handed over to the Indian authorities. It resulted into diplomatic victory of Islamabad over India. Prime Minister Modi who has directed the Indian security forces to accelerate atrocities in the IOK, wants to obtain various nefarious designs, especially to suppress the Kashmiris’ war of liberation and to win the general elections 2019 at the cost of Pakistan. On the other side, Western media and their high officials are insisting upon the settlement of the Kashmir issue.  

Like Modi, Israeli extremist Prime Minister Netanyahu who also intends to win the forthcoming elections at the cost of Palestinians, continues state terrorism on the occupied territories of the Palestinians.

Despite continued fake global war on terror and the New World Order which resulted into New World Disorder, some other developments disappointed the Israelis and the Khazarian Jewish Mafia. In this connection, Russia-Turkey alliance to fight the ISIS, victory of the Russian-led alliance over the CIA-Mossad-led rebel groups and ISIS terrorists, including Trump’s announcement to withdraw forces from Syria, Senate’s resolution against Trump regarding withdrawal from Saudi war in Yemen, Qatar-based direct talks between America and the Afghan Taliban with a view to withdrawing the US-led NATO forces from Afghanistan which has, rapidly, increased the cost of war, bringing about multiple internal crises, affecting the ordinary Americans and Western citizens, particularly those of Europe might be cited as instance.

Besides, Tel Aviv wants to intensify the new Cold War between the US-led West and Russia by manipulating particularly America-Russian differences over Venezuela so as to avoid the two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, as some European countries have also been emphasizing on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the expansion of West Bank settlements and restart a negotiation process for the two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian issue in wake of the debate between the Zionists and non-Zionist Jews in relation to the two-state solution of the issue.

Now, Israel and Zionist Jews have no option except the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. On the other hand, Indian Prime Minister Modi also has no other option except the solution of Kashmir dispute. Therefore, Khazarian Jewish Mafia aligned with the Indian extremist rulers who are dividing the world on religious lines, will prefer a major war between the Western Christian World and the Islamic World.   

Terror attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15, 2019 by Australian man, namely Brenton Tarrant who opened indiscriminate fire at Muslim worshippers killed 50 Muslims. Sources of the Veterans Today confirmed Israeli connections of Tarrant. However, these were false flag operations.

Four mosques in the British city of Birmingham were damaged overnight on March 21, this year in the latest in a spate of Islamophobic attacks. Intelligence services of the New Zealand and the UK have been stepping up investigations into far-right extremists.

And New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has surprised the other Western countries by taking very positive steps in favour of the Muslims. Hence, especially Mossad can again target New Zealand’s Muslims. It can also use ISIS terrorists to conduct terrorism related assaults in this country or any Western-European country in order to ensure ‘clash of civilizations,’ between the Western and the Muslim worlds.

While, America and its allies continued to kill many innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine through heavy aerial bombardment and ground shelling in the name of phony war on terror. The occupying forces have been using every possible technique of state terrorism in these territories which have become the breeding grounds of a prolonged interaction between freedom fighters and state terrorists, thwarting global interfaith harmony.

Another regrettable point is that irresponsible attitude of Indian, Israeli and some Western  politicians has introduced dangerous socio-religious dimension in their societies by equating the “war on terror” with “war on Islam” and acts of Al Qaeda with all the Muslims. Their media have also been contributing to heighten the currents of world politics on cultural and religious lines with the negative projection of Islam. Owing to these reasons, far right-wing parties and “Stop Islam” movement in the West, especially in Europe has been becoming popular by largely attracting their people. Right-wing parties in a growing number of European countries have made electoral gains. The right-wing parties range across a wide policy spectrum, from populist and nationalist to far-right neofascist.

In order to obtain their sinister designs, Mossad, RAW and CIA operatives have also been assisting ISIS, Al Qaeda and similar terror outfits which have accepted responsibility in relation to various terrorism-related attacks on Christians in Egypt and some African countries, including some Western countries.

It is because of anti-Muslims developments that a greater resentment is being found among the Muslims who think that America in connivance with the Indo-Israeli lobbies is sponsoring state terrorism, directly or indirectly from Kashmir to Palestine. Emboldened by the KJM-led President Trump, both Tel Aviv and New Delhi have been equating the ‘wars of liberation’ in Palestine and Kashmir with terrorism. Their main purpose is to divert the attention of the West from their own state terrorism, while employing delaying tactics in the solution of these issues.

Although in the present world of social media and Internet, Machiavellian politics of the past has been replaced by modern trends such as fair-dealings and reconciliation, yet by following the old strategies, Khazarian Jewish Mafia has been practicing the most horrible form of colonialism and neo-colonialism, while employing ruthless techniques of terrorism by assisting the militant groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS which conducted various terrorism-related attacks in the US, Europe and other Western countries, including Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, Philippines etc., and some African countries. Thus, they massacred thousands of persons which also include Christians.

It is owing to the flawed internal and external policies, especially a prolonged war in Afghanistan and continuous war on terror that America is facing multi-faceted crises which have been accelerated under the presidency of Donald Trump. Besides, Trump’s extremist and racist policies have accelerated the domestic extremism in the US, which will take the country to the “state of nature” when there was a “war of all against all”.

In America, CIA, FBI and Department of Homeland Security which are working as “states within a state” or “shadow Governments” or “Deep state means,” are also clandestinely working against one another. They do not respond to the civilian political leadership-the President and the Congressmen which are also fighting a war of nerves against each other. So, domestic extremism in the US may result into a civil war in the country.  

At present, fanatic leaders are in power in the US, India and Israel, their connivance with the Khazarian Jewish Mafia may culminate into ‘clash of civilizations’, particularly between the Muslim and the Christian worlds. Their nefarious designs may also result into nuclear war between the US-led West and Russia or between America and Russia or between Pakistan and India. These dangerous conflicts will envelop the entire world and will bring about unimaginable destruction which will eliminate the all human beings. So question arises on whom the Khazarian Jewish Mafia will rule?   

Nonetheless, this Mafia’s ambivalent policies are alarming for the international community, as end of the world may coincide with the end of the Khazarian Jewish Mafia. Therefore, it is the right hour that loyalist Americans, non-Zionist Jews and peace-loving citizens of every other religious community should play their positive role for global peace by stopping the division of the international community on religious and cultural lines.

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Article Author Details

Sajjad Shaukat

I got master degrees in English and Journalism including diploma in English Learning and Teaching from the University of Punjab. I am a freelance writer and wrote a number of articles on various topics of international affairs, published in Pakistan’s English newspapers. Besides, I also wrote a book, “US vs Islamic, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations”, published by Ms. Ferozsons Pvt. Lahore in 2005. In this book, I have evolved a thesis that the non-state actors like Islamic militants are checking the world dominance of the US. However, I have condemned the old theories which support role of force and power in international affairs. Taking the ongoing war on terror as a conflict between the privileged and unprivileged status quo, I have suggested reforming the unequal world order. And I have favoured global peace, based upon idealism--which is possible by reconciling realism with idealism. Moreover, it is essential to combat terrorism by resolving various issues like Palestine, Kashmir etc., and by acting upon an exit strategy from Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, my future assessments like failure of military paradigm by the state actors in coping with the non-state actors, increase in US cost of war, rise of more terrorism, plane plot in UK and present international financial crisis have proved true. So, central thesis of the book remains valid today.