Kids Playing Outside Are More Healthy

Many kids today spend a majority of their free time indoors playing the newest gaming system or binge watching their favorite shows. This means that kids are not going outside and being as active as they maybe should be.

kids playing outside

Why Kids Need To Get Outside

Most kids have a sedentary lifestyle. Most of their days both at school and home are spent sitting. This can lead to inactivity and decreased motor and sensory skills. By getting outside, they are exposing themselves to the elements. They are able to build up leg and back muscles by running and can build up arm and finger muscles by manipulating objects. Being outside and under the sun exposes them to vitamin D, an essential vitamin that many people are not getting enough of. Getting kids to play outside will allow them to look around and take in their surroundings. Some studies even show that kids who play outside have better long distance vision than those who played outside less often. Kids who play outside also use their other senses, such as smell, hearing, touch, and occasionally taste to explore their surroundings. When inside playing video games or watching movies kids are typically only using two senses, sight and hearing. 

Preparing Your Kids for the Weather

Once you decide to let your kids outside to play, it is important to pay attention to the weather. Depending on where you live in the world, certain regions could have different risks than others. Regardless of where you live, if the sun is out, be sure to apply sunscreen regularly. Sunscreen should be applied every couple hours or more frequently if your kid is swimming or sweating a lot. If you live in a dry, desert climate, be sure to also apply chapstick as lips can easily crack with the dry heat. In wetter areas, it is important to always have a kids rain jacket handy. In some areas of the world, rain comes out of nowhere and it is best to be prepared. As long as there is no lightning or severe weather warnings, they can still play outside in the rain, but they should have the proper attire to ensure they stay safe and healthy.

Teaching Your Kids To Be Safe Outside

The world outside of your home poses many unknowns, such as stray animals, strange people, and moving vehicles. However, if you can express to your child the importance of being safe outside, you will be able to ease your worries. Depending on the age of your child, you may be able to simply tell them that there are certain dangers that come with being outside. From strange people to strange plants, kids need to know they should not approach anything or anyone they do not know without an adult’s consent. Make sure your kid knows that they can and should come to you if anything seems abnormal or different outside. It is also important that you or a trusted adult is outside with your kids to ensure their safety. 

Things To Do Once You Are Outside

Once you and your kid are prepared for the weather and the unknown, it is time to get outside and play. Most kids have a lot of creativity and imagination and find outside play time freeing. Even if your kid just runs laps around the yard or goes straight into the dirt to start looking at bugs, these things help your kid learn more about the world they live in. However, if your kid is having a harder time getting into nature, a good place to start is to go out there with them and start exploring together. If your child is more driven by science and math, a good place to start is looking at living things such as insects, trees, or flowers. If your kid is more active, it would be best to play a game, such as freeze tag or hide and go seek.

Regardless of what you and your kid do outside, it is important that they get out and be active. There are always new things to see and explore outdoors.

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