Kim Kardashian denies butt implant rumors

Kim Kardashian denies butt implant rumors—The actress tells her fans that she is having butt injections. Kim Kardashian has recently admitted that she gets butt injections; however, she also revealed that the injections are only for the purpose of treating psoriasis. She has also let it be known that she will soon get her hands treated with laser surgery.

Butt implant

The 35 year old star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ further revealed that the laser surgery that she plans to carry out on her hands will be anti-aging in nature.

About rumors of butt implant, Kim was clear that it was only a rumor which was initiated when she was snapped having her regular treatment. Kim Kardashian has revealed that she has injections in her bottom – but it’s just to help her psoriasis.

Butt implants rumors were dismissed by the famous celebrity when she communicated with her fans through live-streaming on her website and app ‘’ Fans can subscribe to the site in order to get the latest news about Kim Kardashian.

Kim’s live stream was released on Monday in which she said that she did not have butt implant. She further revealed that her mother thought she had psoriasis. The reason for Mama Jenner’s concern was that she had spotted a rash on Kim’s leg.

Kim recalled that she had done to get a shot in her butt. She lives behind the famous boutique in L.A., the Kitson. One of her neighbors spotted her at the dermatologist and exclaimed that the star was going to have an indent in her bum. This was where the butt rumors started.

Kim further revealed that she was pictures at least twice when the indent on her butt was clearly visible. One of the pictures pertains to the celebrity when she was in Miami wearing a blue dress.

In the other picture she is seen taking a walk. In both pictures, the indent was clearly visible. That is when, in the opinion of the actress, the butt implant rumors began to circulate.

That is a secret about Kim Kardashian that very few people knew – that she needs to take cortisone shots. Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner also has to deal with the problem of psoriasis.

However, Kim also concluded in the end that it doesn’t bother her any more since she has learned to live with the skin disorder. In this condition, the cells start to regenerate faster that usual and become dry patches with itch.

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