Latest Doodle by Google showcases famous singer Selena Quintanilla

On Tuesday, Google launched the Selena Google Doodle on its homepage which is set to celebrate the career of the iconic singer

Latest Doodle by Google showcases famous singer Selena Quintanilla

Numerous hits

The Tejano performer has offered numerous hits during her singing career including ‘I Could Fall in Love’, ‘Dreaming of You’ and ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.’

Selena Quintanilla death occurred in 1995 when she was fatally shot by a person who was the president of her fan club.

Animated Video

The Selena Quintanilla Google Doodle illustrated the story of the singer with the help of an animated video showing her singing at home when she was very young. She later started singing at weddings and in cafes. Later in her career, Quintanilla would perform in front of jammed crowds.

The Google Doodle is set to her famous song ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.’


Selena Google doodle is scheduled to be released on the anniversary of the late singer’s debut album ‘Selena.’ The album was first released more than two decades ago.

Moreover, Google will also release exhibit of Selena on its Arts & Culture page. Quintanilla’s first song was recorded when she was just 8 years old. It was in Spanish.

When she was 9, she started a band. After struggling for several years, in 1989, she won a contract with EMI.

In 1994, she won a Grammy for the Best Mexican-American Album category.

Meticulous Planning

The marketing manager for Doodle, Perla Campos said that this Doodle has been meticulously planned by her team. It took them 2 years to come up with the video.

The Google team also considered pictures, GIFs and even games, but finally decided on the video because it felt the right medium to pay tribute to Quintanilla.

It will also serve as a great introduction to all the people who do not know the icon. The video will tell her story in a much better way.

Rising criticism

The Quintanilla inspired Doodle came after Google was facing rising criticism for lacking in diversity. A study carried out in 2014 found out that Google Doodle usually featured white men.

Campos said that while deciding on a new doodle, the team looks into the feedback from several sources as well as cultural consultants. In many countries.

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