Latest Kitchen Gadgets that are a Must Addition to Your Kitchen

Working in the kitchen can be a messy and time-consuming affair. With the rapid advancement in technology throughout the world, a number of innovative kitchen gadgets are making their way into the market in order to make your time in the kitchen comfortable and hassle-free. Let us take a look at some of these bizarre, yet useful kitchen appliances.

Latest Kitchen Gadgets

Latest Gadgets make a difference in your life and latest kitchen gadgets will make difference in your kitchen by making your life easy. They are designed in a way to lessen your effort by making kitchen jobs easy for you.

As for example Rotimatic Roti maker makes roti for you at the click of switch that can be controlled with their apps. So you can now imagine the level of technology where we have reached now. So read this post and know about some more kitchen Gadgets that will bring a value for saving your time.

Here is the list of Latest Kitchen Gadgets for 2020

Onion Goggles

Chopping onions may not break your heart, but they will surely lead to tears. Those with sensitive eyes are especially vulnerable to this. These goggles will protect you from the sting, but you are on your own as far as emotional support is concerned. They are equipped with foam seals that protect your eyes, as well as anti-fog lenses for crystal clear vision. 

Butter Glue Stick

Are you tired of waiting for your butter to melt after you take it out of the fridge? Getting frustrated with heating the knife for a desperate attempt to scoop up some melted butter and spread it over your bread? You can say goodbye to all that. The butter glue stick will succor you, and the image of hot bread waiting to be buttered up shall no longer taunt you. Keep in mind, however, that it shouldn’t be used as an adhesive. 

Roti Maker

Making rotis by hand is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. The Rotimatic roti maker can save you a lot of time standing in the kitchen and by making rotis from scratch by combining all the initial ingredients like flour, oil, and water. This AI-enabled device can also connect to the wifi and take orders from smart devices. It can also upgrade its software. You can use this device to make chapatis, tortillas and pizza bases.   

Many people have purchased this Roti maker for their kitchen and you too are planning to buy one for your kitchen then we advise you to check rotimatic reviews on the internet by Pcmag, dottedglobe or any other good source. It will let you understand this food robot better

Egg Separator

A lot of people want their egg whites separated from the yolk, especially those on a diet. Introducing the Bogeyman Egg Separator, a handy device used for separating the egg whites. You just need to crack the eggs on top of it and then tilt the device forwards in order to release the egg whites. This device is pocket-friendly as well.

Selfie Toaster

Just when you thought the heights of narcissism had been reached by social media superstars, along comes the Selfie Toaster, which looks like an ordinary toaster, except it comes with metal cutaway plates which are used to imprint the image on the bread. You just need to slot the plate in the proper slot, followed by the bread slices, and voila! If you grow tired of eating yourself for breakfast, there are always other templates you can choose from. All in all, it’s a fun way of playing with your food. 

Ramen Fan

Tired of blowing over your ramen till it cools down? What if you are in a hurry and need to gobble down your ramen fast, but it is burning your mouth and you’re afraid it might affect your speech in the meeting you have scheduled later? Look no further. The Ramen fan will cool down your noodles and can also provide you relief on a hot summer’s day, given you’re not embarrassed to be seen with this bizarre-looking gadget. 

Water Ionizer

This useful device separates water into its acidic and alkaline components. You can use acidic water for cleansing and the alkaline one for drinking purposes. However, it requires water pressure to be uniform. First, it filters out the harmful components such as organic waste, sediment, bacteria, etc.  Then the water is charged with electrodes and an electrolysis process takes place which separates the water into two streams. Alkaline water with positively charged ions gather at the negative electrode and acidic water with negatively charged ions gather at the positive electrode.

Hand Juicer

This tiny device can be plugged in fruit in order to extract the juice in the form of sprays. It is useful when you want to add a small amount of juice to the food while cooking and can also be used as an unconventional self-defense weapon. Exercise caution while using this contraption.

The Iron Mug

Have you ever looked at your mug while enjoying a nice, hot cup of coffee and wished you could iron your clothes with it? Well, somebody must have, because you can do just that with the Iron Mug. However, it is advisable not to do both at the same time. 

Meat Tenderizer

This device can reduce your cooking time almost by half. Its multiple blades tenderize meat quickly and effectively. It also reduces wastage and brings out the flavor in the meat. This easy to clean device can be used every day as it is eco-friendly.

Plastic Bag Resealer

How often have you wished you could seal the bag of chips and store it away for later? Only there was no easy way to do it. With this device, you can make sure your stuff stays fresh for later consumption. 

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