When Is Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power) 2019?

Laylatul Qadr also referred to as the Night of Power, Value, Measures, and Decree is the holiest day of the year and the 27th day of Ramadan – the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This year, it is predicted to be on the 1st of June, give or take a day due to regional customs and moon sightings.

Laylatul Qadar

Uncertainty Regarding the Date

The date of Laylatul Qadr can vary in different geographic regions for a number of reasons. This is because even though there’s a consensus that Laylatul Qadr should be celebrated in the last ten days of Ramadan and that odd-numbered days are preferred to even-numbered days, there are different communities that may still go ahead and celebrate Laylatul Qadr on a different date. This is mainly because one’s cultural affiliation, religious beliefs, and country of origin also play a pivotal role in celebrating this holy day.

Then comes the aspect of sighting Moon’s crescent after the new moon as the exact timing of Islamic months depends on it. Now, given that the moon is sighted in different regions at different times and factors such as clear skies play an integral role in determining the start and end of one month, the exact date becomes very difficult to predict.

Why is Laylatul Qadr celebrated, exactly?

Muslims around the globe celebrate Laylatul Qadr as it marks the particular day in 610 CE when Allah revealed the first few verses of Quran – the religious text and core of Islam – to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at the Hira Cave in Makkah. On this very day, the blessing of Allah are abundant, annual decrees are revealed, and engels descenf to earth in order to carry out the tasks decreed by Allah.

A Day of Forgiveness and Good Deeds

On the evening prior to Laylatul Qadr, Muslims indulge in worshipping either in their homes or in mosques as it is believed that praying on the night of Laylatul Qadr is better than praying for a thousand months (eighty-three years). This is why most Muslims spend the entire night or even day while worshipping and reciting the Quran, benefiting from the blessings of Allah, asking for His mercy and forgiveness. In addition to this, discussion, as well as talks pertaining to the importance of Laylatul Qadr and how to benefit from it, are also quite common on this day; even people from other religions are invited to spread awareness and change perceptions for good.

In addition to atoning and worshipping, Muslims worldwide also contribute towards the welfare of the community by helping the needy and underprivileged. Even though Ramadan donations are common throughout the month but on the day of Laylatul Qadr, good deeds become particularly common as everyone realizes that each good act will be greatly rewarded.

The takeway

In short, Laylatul Qadr is the highlight of Ramadan 2019 and the night Muslims have eagerly waited for throughout the year.  Make sure you make the most of it by worshipping, fasting, praying, celebrating Islam, and engaging in charity work.

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