Licensing Requirements For Starting a Cleaning Company in UAE

Starting a cleaning company in UAE can be a profitable business as the warm and dusty climate of UAE requires intensive deep cleaning of residential and industrial units regularly. There is a sizeable ex-pat population living in UAE that wants to outsource their house laundry and deep cleaning requirements to a professional cleaning company in Dubai. UAE municipal authorities have issued a large number of licenses to open professional cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other major cities in the country.    

There is a high market demand for deep cleaning services in UAE and one has to fulfill certain criteria to acquire a license to start a professional cleaning agency.

  • One has to register as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in UAE to start services and retail business in the region. LLC permits you to do local trade and provide services and is an ideal option for entrepreneurs to do business in UAE. In addition to local trade, it also permits global trade.
  • For obtaining an industrial cleaning company license in Dubai you need to employ a big team of professional cleaners to wash and deep clean every floor and also set up an administrative team to handle your backend operations. The staff should be well-trained and capable of doing a deep cleaning at various locations with the same quality.  
cleaning company license in UAE
  • For getting residential cleaning contracts for houses and apartments you need a much smaller team of professional cleaners and a smaller office set up for handling backend operations.
  • For getting a commercial cleaning company license in Dubai you need a skilled cleaning team as it is a highly specialized job.
  • You can apply for a street cleaning services license in UAE if you have a big team of skilled cleaners to provide general cleaning services for streets, footpaths, and markets by using manual or mechanical means.     
  • You can also apply for sea and shore cleaning services license in UAE for the collection and disposal of marine waste and pollutants. For this, you need an expert team of cleaners and equipment.
  • Building-cleaning services license allows you to clean exteriors and interiors of residential apartments, government buildings, and corporate offices.
  • Advertising signboards cleaning services license in UAE includes cleaning signboards fixed on roads and streets.
  • There is a license for runways and road cleaning services in UAE that includes manual and mechanical cleaning of runways and roads.
  • Yacht cleaning services license in UAE is issued for cleaning of yacht interior and exterior which includes metal restoration by buffing and polishing, teak polishing and oiling, plastic enclosure cleaning and polishing, vinyl treatment.
  • A car cleaning license in UAE allows you to provide car washing and cleaning services with auto or manual washing stations. This segment has huge business potential in the UAE.  
  • If you want to succeed in the cleaning services business in UAE, you have to provide standard training to the staff and invest in the latest equipment. The staff must be able to carry out a variety of cleaning activities with great efficiency and quality.  
  • Buying good quality equipment for cleaning services is necessary to obtain a cleaning company license in UAE and you must have sufficient funds to purchase this equipment. You need not spend much on household cleaning equipment but commercial cleaning equipment is expensive.  
  • Starting a cleaning services company in UAE can be a daunting challenge and you must do thorough market research and understand the local demography and business potential before putting your hard-earned money in the business. Procuring a cleaning company license in UAE is easy and doesn’t cost much which has resulted in a boom in this business segment.

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