Make money out of your high-speed internet


A high-speed internet coupled with high-performance hardware can really make you some fortune.  If you are reading this article then you probably have good internet and you want to put it on some good use. You have landed in the right place. We will share with you few of the legit ideas that will make you independent of some decent amount of cash.


If you are into gaming, have capable PC and the high-speed internet than you can easily start earning right away. All you need to do is to sign-up on Twitch TV and have your PayPal account prepared now you are all set. You have all the advantages to be a good stream a full HD with the highest bit rate and obviously good frame rate. Save some money to get Microphone/Webcam. Don’t worry! Do your first investment to later get a return.

Install good streaming software and streaming add-ons. Set goals of donation and let your viewer know what these goals are meant for. Be honest and gain their trust. Don’t ever try to cheat. You will see that you will slowly get a big crowd of fans that are ready to donate you for making them watch your gameplay.

Moreover, here are a few more tips to make your Twitch account profitable. Twitch has its leaderboard system which will help set goals and become famous. Find some trendy game and start, playing it. Nice gameplay will automatically help attract the audience and this is main your goal. In simple words, be creative while gaming, earning the trust of your followers and it’s your win. Be good commentator while playing. Be playful and chatty with your followers. Sometimes crack random humor to keep your audience engaged. Sometime your audience will demand from you, or ask you to do a certain things game. They will even help sometimes with your gameplay. Do not forget to listen to your fans permissible demands.

Now not only you will be enjoying playing games on your internet but also earn some genuine cash like many other gamers on the Twitch. Remember, to get to a stage of pro-streamer and earner, you need to be patient and keep streaming until you reach that stage. Twitch also has a feature for YouTube. You can upload highlights of your streams to the YouTube to earn a bonus. As for the YouTube, it’s a different story altogether. Our next topic is YouTube


If you have some good ideas and want to put them to some decent use, moreover you also have video editing skills (even beginner level skills will do) and high-speed internet. Then you can start making videos and upload them. Make sure the idea should be original and stay relevant. Design your unique intro and outro of your video. You don’t need to make much invest in the start. If your video blogging or a product review, all you need is the basic camera (Your smart-phone camera will be helpful too). Before signup, make sure to read policies and guidelines. You will not start earning from the first video, but you will be getting viewers and subscribers at the time. Keep growing until you hit the monetization criteria.

Avoid controversy and hate speech topics, use relevant tags in each of uploads. And also avoid misleading tags and thumbnails to get an unfair advantage.  Some good examples of great YouTubers are Unbox Therapy, JerryRigEverything ERB etc. they are creative and have a huge fandom which supports them.


If you think YouTube and Twitch TV is not your cup of tea, but you want more freedom to do more creative work and juice out free revenue from your high-speed internet then you have also an option of joining freelancing websites which offer a great platform for connecting freelancers and job seekers. You can find many good sites for freelancing like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. They offer a safe fraud-free environment, with a build-it payment system. Follow the signup procedure, follow the website rules, choose payment and withdrawal options, verify your details (where necessary) and get to work right away.

Utilize your skills in the project and get paid by your client. Take as many projects as you can. Make sure to meet deadlines. Or else you will get bad reviews on your freelancing profile. Freelancing websites have a variety range of categories like data entry, product testing, content writing, paint and drawing, logo designing, translation and languages and much more. Bring out the hidden beast of talent out of you and harness the power of your skills to mold out tasks creatively. Earn good review and money.


If you are a good critic and have a journalism skills, or you are a traveller and want to share your travelling experience to the world, or you have a business and you want to advertise your products or you want to share your valuable ideas and view about the world, plus you have a working Charter Spectrum internet, then blogging is a right choice for you. For blogging, all you need is a writing skill, a little bit of picture editing skill and idea for the topic. Blogger and WordPress are a good platform for bloggers and they offer many premium services and tools or writers. You can also design your own personal blog if you have web developing skills.

Write on the desired topic; make categories in your blog. You may also use current affairs for your use. Add keywords which will allow you to attract visitors. You can also provide a separate section in your blog where guest writers can contribute to your blog.

Make weekly or daily continual updates to keep your visitors look forward to your upcoming piece of writing. When you have a well-maintained blog with good visitor count, it’s a right time to monetize AdSense is the best service to start monetizing your blog, but it has its own set of rules just like YouTube monetizing. Do not forget to follow the rules and policies to start smoothly with monetization.

Earn from your idle PC

Do you have an idle PC connected high-speed internet connection? GOMEZ PEER Zone offers you a brilliant and legit solution to put your idle PC to good use. It is small and secures Java application that runs in the background of your PC. It takes control of the idle resources of your PC like unused processor cores, RAM, and bandwidth to make use of it without affecting your work on the same PC. Download the PEER software and let your system earn you some bucks if not much but at least better than nothing.

Final thoughts

With the advent of the internet technology, doors to many opportunities are open for earnings. It needs your time and patience and a little creativity and now you will no longer complain about the lack of money at the end of the month.

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