Managing Generation Y with Post-Hire Screening and Career Enhancement Guidance

Of we go by the broad classification the generation Y encompasses the people born in the 1980s and 1990s. If we are to abide by this definition most of the generation is well beyond their twenties and into their mid-thirties.

Generation Y in the workforce – The generation Y, also often referred to as millennials, was predicted to comprise almost half the workforce in any organization by this year and seventy-five percent of the staff by the year 2025.

Managing Generation Y

This generation was raised during the peak of economic boost and comprises of well-educated individuals who are equipped with significant skills on paper. It is now in the employer’s control on how to mold the youngsters, as well as the work environment. to bring your business up to speed with the up and coming trends. The challenge today is managing generation Y for their career enhancement based on their brain health assessment and related pre and post, employment screening services

Everything revolves around mutual adaptability

Managing generation Y post-hire becomes a piece of cake when your task force encompasses compassionate and adaptable older employees. The group of hires between the age of 18 to 34 act as sponges and are eager to absorb as much knowledge as possible provided they are guided efficiently by the seniors at work. As a Gen Z or a baby boomer employee, you cannot walk around stomping your foot and being grumpy about the accommodations and changes that the millennials bring about. Keeping an open mind around the company helps everyone as there are new technologies, methods, and strategies that can be exchanged in a bidirectional manner for the nourishment and growth of the company.

Millennials prefer a company that leaves room for some flexibility

Gen Y is prone to having a lot of opinions and living in the era of the internet has spoilt them with choices. And, hence recruiters prefer to pass them from the various rounds of employment screening services including brain health assessment. They resent a rigid framework or flow of work, timings or being confined to limited space. They like to work remotely and with mobility, using new technologies on the go to get their work done. The same desk for a specified number of hours does not inspire this generation and fails to bring out the best in them. Allowing them some work from home hours and keeping track of their work with new software and apps around these hours can make the employee feel free. 

Another aspect that demands some flexibility at the office is their workflow or how they manage to get the job done. But this does not mean that you lose all control over the project and throw them into the dark without any guidance. You can provide them with certain assignments, explain the end result that you wish to obtain and the checkpoints they should cover in order to complete the work. Then you can hand over the remote control and let them navigate through the different paths. This can a resourceful exercise as the millennials might come with new and easier ways to get the job done that may even surprise you.

Generation Y respond to a goal-oriented approach 

When accommodating a Gen Y employee post-hire it is essential to have a sense of purpose in your actions and address their ambitions and motivations correctly. The millennials are extremely goal-oriented, ambition driven and filled with curiosity. They ask a lot of questions and try to find sense of purpose behind every action which is very unlike Gen X that was bursting with energy and ready to work extremely hard at any given task, no questions asked. Gen Y believes in the motto of working smarter and not harder. The millennials possess unparalleled intellectual authority and hence have lesser respect for the organizational authority and instead hold more regard for individuals who portray exceptional intelligence and results, no matter the position they are at.

Lastly, Gen Y’s career enhancement goes hand-in-hand with your business growth

As a manager, you need to provide the ‘big picture’ to the employees and show them how they fit into it. Millennials are fond of quick growth in both personal as well as professional lives and tend to lack the motivation or loyalty towards a firm and if they are rewarded properly and receive adequate warmth at the workplace, it is then that they consider a long term tenure at any organization.

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