Who are masterminds of ISIS?

Who are masterminds of ISIS?–Masterminds are supposed to be the people, countries or organizations that are really behind an entity, who are running it from behind the scenes and who are actually responsible for whatever actions that entity is taking since they are the ones who are calling the shots.

Who are masterminds of ISIS?

Much like its predecessor, Al Qaeda, ISIS is also a creation of the CIA and Mossad. The reason for the inception and creation of this extremist organization is to divide the oil-rich Arab states and hinder the wave of modernization which was sweeping the MENA region before and during the Arab Spring.

Masterminds of extremist organizations! It would seem odd to a layman that the CIA may be supporting an extremist organization. But this is the truth. Not only this, but it is also involved in a double game within Afghanistan with the help of RAW and Mossad in order to destabilize the western flanks of Pakistan.

CIA first became a mastermind of these organizations during the cold war era when it needed them to fight against the Russian bear. Then, America thought that third-world nationalism was a tool in the hands of the Russians. That is why it did everything to suppress Arab nationalist sentiments.

During the 70s, the CIA used the Muslim Brotherhood in order to hinder the spread of Pan-Arabism as well as the Marxist ideology in Egypt. Indonesia’ Sarekat Islam was also an organization that received CIA’s blessings in order to counter Sukarno.

As far as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is concerned, it is a widely known fact that it is a direct result of the 2003 invasion of Iraq which was not only unlawful but also unethical since it has never been proved that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction.

Americans, in connivance with their allies in Mossad disbanded the Iraqi army and created a pool of highly trained professional soldiers who suddenly became jobless.

Camp Bucca became the birthplace of ISIS where most of its commanders were interned, and met with each other with ample time on their hands to plan and execute a massive military organization.

The military prowess came from former Saddam soldiers and the ideology was brought to the table by religious fanatics. Their combination resulted in the most terrifying phenomenon the world has ever seen.

Masterminds behind IS are still the same. The CIA, Mossad and Indian RAW have a clear objective of dividing and weakening the Arab nations so that they can continue to subjugate the Palestinians and violate their basic rights besides constructing illegal settlements on their lands.

It is time that Muslims in general and Arabs in particular came to realize who the masterminds behind ISIS is so that they can see through each one of its actions and offer a counter narrative to the world.

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