4 Reasons Why T-Mobile (MetroPCS) is Popular in America

Metro by T-MobileDespite being the third-largest wireless network in America T-Mobile (MetroPCS) offers service which makes it comparable with the companies standing in the first position. Whenever do we think to switch or buy a new mobile plan what we compare? Obviously their services and network coverage.

In their network and service field, they are doing well as in the 2015 consumer report entitled T-Mobile as the number one wireless network carrier in America. They only just offer good services and network thy also offer the best customer support also. If somehow you struck in a condition in which you can’t unlock or activate carrier of your MetroPCS phone. Then there are several ways by which you can get in touch with their customer support them to know How to Unlock MetroPCS Phones and How to Activate a MetroPCS phone.


The ways by which users can get in touch with the customer support team

  • They can provide support over the phone.
  • You can also locate a store and visit them directly.
  • E-mail Support.

As per Wikipedia, at the end 4th quarter of 2019 T-Mobile had 86 million customers. At the time of the merger, T-Mobile had about 32 million subscribers, to which MetroPCS added around 9 million.  And before merging with T-mobile, MetroPCS had about 1.5 million subscribers.

4 Reasons Which make T-Mobile Popular

1# Reason

Data and network coverage are the main factors that decide whether a wireless network provider will survive in the market or not. But in this field, T-Mobile is putting many efforts because in the last few months they have increased their manpower in their call centres. So whenever you call you don’t need to wait too long because nobody likes to wait.

2# Reason

T-Mobile provide many options to their subscribers to solve their problems. If you get in situation where you need official support then you have every possible solution to get instant help from T-Mobile support department.

You can get in touch with them with below mentioned ways

  • On call support.
  • Physical support.
  • If you ever feel difficulty in locating MetroPCS store on Google

3# Reason

Whenever they add a new subscriber, the company provide a good network coverage even in the countryside. They also offer Netflix subscription at no extra cost. So, T-Mobile users can enjoy excellent unlimited plans without any hidden charges.

4# Reason

The company release timely offers that include many benefits for users, such as free internet bundled with free calling minutes. Like the previous year, they launched a plan that gave an opportunity to the new and old subscribers to grab an all-new smartphone of their choice for free. In this scheme, the T-Mobile distributed free MetroPCS smartphones by providing 24 bill credits for each month and that was applied to each participating subscriber’s account instantly.


It is the news that T-Mobile and Sprint wireless network are merging to serve their customers even better. And it is the best way of providing services at ground level as today, they are offering 5G LTE network connectivity in more than 5,000 cities and towns across the nation. And Merger of these two big giants will bring something good for their new and existing subscribers.

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