Mosquito Traps for Home Indoor and Outdoor – Do They Work?

Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying pests with the super ability to sense humans. They land on your skin, insert their bloodsucker in you, and feast on all those tasty nutrients. Oh, mosquito bites can cause quite the itch and rash too. So, do mosquito traps for homes have a realistic application? Can you rely on mosquito traps of any kind for permanent solutions?

Mosquito Traps for Home


Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. Countries like Canada which are typically too cold during winters are likely to get mosquito infestations during spring and summers. While some people like to believe mosquito traps for homework well, others oppose the idea strongly. Here are some mosquito traps and known facts about them you’d want to know:

Basic Information on Mosquito Traps for Home

Products and chemicals that lure mosquitoes in often produce a load of CO2, heat, octanol, and light. These will certainly attract mosquitoes and lure them in but will not get rid of them. One of the main reasons is that different products work on different types of mosquitoes.

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When setting up mosquito trans for home, you need to know exactly which types you are dealing with. And this is the problem.

You also need to know how they hunt, what is likely to repel them, and more. Also, when you place traps in the yard, they can attract even more of them. From the yard, these tiny fliers can infiltrate your home indoors as well. You certainly don’t want that now. Know first how they hunt and then you will have a clearer understanding and what needs to be done.

How Mosquitoes Hunt

Mosquitoes like their blood meals. Of course, everyone knows that. What’s interesting is that how they get these blood meals. Well, these creatures have specialized several kinds of sensing organs that help them detect it. They typically fly 25 or so feet above the ground and look for living hosts. Their sensors include:

  • Compound Eyes – Mosquito eyes are specialized to detect movement that helps target prey. Their eyes are made from hundreds of tiny lenses. Types of these bloodsuckers that feed during the day rely on eyesight to look for visual clues. Also, their eyes are simple two light-sensitive.
  • Antennae – Another very strong sensor on these creatures is the antennae that help with carbon dioxide detection from living being’s lungs. These antennae are so sensitive that they can pick up hundreds of chemical odors produced by human skin. These include octenol, a substance abundant in human perspiration.
  • Maxillary Palpus – There is a sensor on top of their heads that is believed to be heat sensitive. This helps them locate warm-blooded prey with accuracy to pinpoint capillaries right under the top layer of the skin. You can guess the rest. They suck blood through the capillaries when located.

DIY Mosquito Traps

When looking to save money and not call on local pest control services, DIY mosquito traps are prioritized. There are several different kinds of the mas well. These include:

  • Sugary concoctions that lure mosquitoes in but have not much guarantee they won’t simply just fly back out. Also, you run the risk of attracting even more of them to your yard.
  • Good old smoking mosquitoes out once they are in your yard. Burning dry leaves with some plastic produces smoke that mosquitoes tend to hate.
  • Bug zappers in the yard and inside the homework well. These will draw electricity-producing heat and the type of light that mosquitoes are most attracted to. Also, zappers kill these bugs upon contact. These are probably the best mosquito traps for home if you can have enough of them.
  • Some people even go to the lengths of petting bats in their backyard. These bats will hunt and repel all mosquitoes away stopping them from entering your home interiors.

Market Available Mosquito Traps

There are many different kinds of advanced mosquito traps for homes available in the market. Usually, electronic traps work best that are designed to attract these bugs and kill them upon contact. Sprays are also available for indoors and outdoors that kill close range mosquitoes quickly. The only problem with them is that there is no consideration of mosquito nests at all. Even a small number of these fliers can multiply quite quickly arising the problem again for your home.

Professional Help for Long-Term Solutions

If you truly want mosquitoes to leave you alone, professional help will be needed. Advanced pest control Vancouver or any other major city services will know how to deal with the problem. These experts will figure out what kinds of mosquitoes you are dealing with. They will help set up mosquito traps for homes that do the best job of luring these buggers in.

From there, they will also help get rid of mosquitoes for you. Their knowledge and experience will be able to identify egg-laying places and potential harbors for these bugs too. In the end, you will only be able to get a mosquito-free interior when your home outdoor is free from them. Mosquito traps for homes will help eliminate the top surface. Underlying problems can be dealt with by professionals.

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