Most Advanced Treatment For Cancer Hospitals in India

Cancer is a disease which has taken the lives of many Indians. According to the national cancer registry program, 1300 Indians die due to cancer every day. Every year 29lakh new cases of cancer are diagnosed. Hence it’s vital that you get the best cancer treatment in India.

Cancer Treatment

The treatment has become more advanced over the years due to the growth of Indian cancer research centres & hospitals. Cancer has become one of the deadliest diseases, and the number of patients in India has doubled in the last 26 years. Following are the advancements made in cancer treatments in India:

6. Robotic Surgery: it helps doctors during Surgery as they do not have to make large incisions, which leave a mark on the body. It is also used to reach hard to reach tumours. This technology uses robotic tools while performing the surgery, but the doctor still operates the machines.IT has three arms, one arm is laparoscope and the other two have surgical instruments. The great advantage of Robotic Surgery is the accuracy and safety in using the device. The machine doesn’t suffer from fatigue and hence is likely to make mistakes.

1. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses one or more anti-cancer’s given either orally or through the veins. It kills the cancer cells in the body systematically. It can also kill cancer which spread around the body.chemotherapy can be used with a combination of treatments such as radiology and Surgery.

2. Cytoron: It is a medical device approved by, it uses technology to regenerate and degenerate tissue repair. Its key advantage that it is not as painful or stressful as conventional cancer treatments.

3. CyberKnife Robotic surgery:It has become one of the most popular advanced cancer treatments in India. It is a unique device which can treat tumours anywhere in the body by placing accelerated particles on them through a robotic arm.

4. Radiation:There have been significant advancements in radiation therapy in the last decade. It uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and tumours, and There are two types of radiations- external beam and internal. The size of the tumour, the type of cancer and its location on the body are few factors which decide what radiation is used. However, the downfall of radiation therapy is side effects such as nausea, vomiting and pains.3d radiation therapy is the latest advancement.

5. Image-guided radiation therapy:This technology helps in detecting cancer, so treatment can is used to get accurate imaging of the size, location during radiation therapy.

Are these all these treatments available in India

A common misconception is that India’s healthcare is not up to par with technology and medication abroad. However, this is false, as all these advanced treatments are available in India. This is due to the growth of Indian cancer research centre and specialized cancer hospitals. Indian cancer care is of such good quality that it has seen a rise in medical tourism.

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