Get Your Online Presence Right the First Time

Quick Question: Can You Cover More Ground Physically or Virtually, Sales-Wise?

Virtually, I hear experts saying.

Online presence businessOnline marketing is a time-saving, cost-effective and far more efficient commercial method. Businesses that go online have been known to profit by leaps and bounds, to say the least.

How to build online presence – With a professional profile and a pervading presence, your company can extend its reach and connect with potential customers worldwide. But, how do you even begin your online ventures, if you are to start from scratch? With these simple and super-easy steps, I’ll show you. Check them off, as you go.

Online Presence Business
Online Presence Business

1. Plan and Prepare:

You don’t go camping unequipped, do you? No, you plan elaborately before setting out, because those wild woods are dark and unforgiving.


The Internet is just like that.

Before launching your brand online, you need to set down your aims, organize your ideas and plan your strategy. Your pitch needs to be strong and stimulating to hit the online consumers, having short attention spans, like a huge wave. Having a steady internet connection is also important because you need to stick to your routine for the customers who circle back at the same time and for the new ones to let them know what time you have readily available for them. Moreover, if you do not have a good internet connection, you won’t be able to reply to the comments and messages and might end up missing potential sales targets. However, if you have opted for those wonderful Optimum internet plans, then you are sure to stay on top of your game. Design and Embellish Layout:

Cakes that look good, sell more. And it is not just about cakes. Well, it is about everything, really.

Presentation matters.

Every human being has an aesthetic sense that automatically directs his/her attention towards a craftily decorated object. For this very reason, your website needs to be eye-catching and should pop out of the crowd. Its layout should attract rather than repel. You can make use of various designing tools to do this, like Jimdo, Wix, Webflow, Weeble, and Squarespace, etc. If you’re in search of a whole system that designs your page for you by providing templates and whatnot, you can go for WordPress or Blogger.

2. Create and Construct Content:

Online users are readers and quite intelligent ones at that. How are you possibly going to let them know about your proposition, if not in words?

Words come with content.

Your website’s content about your products or services needs to be highly engaging and educational. It should ease the sale process while making it subtle.

That’s what fiction writers do, don’t they? Spellbind everyone with their words.

3. Publicize and Popularize:

Once you’re done with customizing, you need to make your voice heard. And on the greatest, most popular platforms ever, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc.

Look around you.

How many people do you see immersed in their mobile screens, scrolling through a feed, and leaving likes here and there? Thousands, I imagine.

What if all those people saw YOUR brand, liked it and shared it? Where would your business ratings go? To the heavens, I suppose.

4. Inspect and Modify:

Just like on the roads, traffic is a sign of hustle and bustle online as well. The more clicks you get, the more customers you acquire. The next step is to gauge the flow of this traffic via Google Analytics or Clicktale. Analyze it and then mold your website accordingly.

Remember, consumer reaction is not constant. It changes with the changing times. So, your website needs to move along with it, and be flexible basically.

Maintaining an online presence business is not a piece of cake. It is a full-time job.

Here, though, the hard work definitely reaps rewards.

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