6 Things that Make People to Unfollow Brands on Social Media

Social media is a two-way communication. Some have taken it to be a new broadcaster channel. They post too many things. What makes people follow brands? And what makes people unfollow brands? People follow brands for various reasons. Some of the reasons are:

  • To get to know more about the brand.
  • To get to know about special offers.
  • If they like the product.

There are also various reasons as to why somebody can decide to click the unfollow button. The following things explain well.

Posting Too Frequently

People unfollow brands on social media
Some brands post too many similar posts in a day. The maximum, according to me, that a brand should post should not exceed four times a day.  Many people will unfollow these kinds of brands if they find they keep posting frequently. One thing is for sure is that people get tired easily. If a brand posts after every hour the probability of the reader reading what you have posted is very is almost or equivalent to 1%.

Only those who got all the time they need will go through them. Sometimes it gets irritating to preview the same old content over and over again. Some of the pictures posted are not appealing to the eye. Brands now use it as a platform to advertising almost all their products. To achieve the goal of people following brands then too much posting should be avoided.

Lack of Proper Engagement

Customers do ask questions and comment on your brand. Some only need you to capture your attention. Some brands will rarely respond to those queries resulting in losing of customers and decide to go to where they can be attended to. Better engagement with your customers is very good. Brands need to take a time to engage with their customers. They should have a two-way communication. You raise the content they comment/ ask questions in return to engage with them. Provide detailed information that a customer may want you to contact them further via email or personally.

I am sure if respond to the queries asked concerning the brands. Don’t get irritated if you see some funny questions. Some passing visitors will end up following brands just because he/she saw some engagement. Make sure it’s a proper engagement don’t just engage just for the sake of it but do it with a willing heart.

Over Promotion

It is always good as a company to post an item at a time. Posting too many items on social media will cause your brands not to be followed by many. If you look keenly companies that have a tendency of over promotion are rarely unfollowed on social media. The reason people follow products it to get products and promotional news. Over promotion will deny the follower to get the right and intended message that they need to know. If you want to get a few followers, then over promote your products.

In a real sense, no one would ever want to follow a brand that keeps posting too many brands. Certainly, the brand will have fewer followers. Sometimes it looks as a bother to the follower.

The Content Is Boring

Some brands may be boring to the follower. Some repeat the same post over and over again. Remember outside there are too many brands which can be followed and are providing the same products as yours. Therefore, using appetizing language is very essential. When writing a story, the author makes sure the story is so interesting such that you feel you have to finish reading the book. The same applies to your brands. Language barrier cut shorts the communication process.

Try learning from your competitors the techniques they are using. If it is about putting attractive pictures, then do so. Make sure you have: new content in each post before making it public, use relevant content in each post and engage in questions asked. You can throw in some entertainment from time to time to make it interesting. Update your followers in case of any new product in the market. Avoid repetition which contributes to the content being boring.

Some great tools you can use to have good content include;

  • Giphy – it enables you to search for several animated gifs.
  • Divvy HQ – the workflows tools ensure efficiency as well as structure.
  • Mastergrades – an online writing service that curates quality content for your readers based on your demands.
  • Hemmingway Editor – it measures the readability of what you have written.

If it No Longer Provides the Information You Need

The primary reason you would ever want to follow a brand is to get to know more information about that product. If the content no longer gives you the information you want – you will likely unfollow it. Brands should stick to their niche. Get to understand the main reason they are in social media. Supposedly the brand doesn’t provide the detailed information then people will choose to unfollow.

Incomplete brand accounts also contribute a big percentage. Brands should train themselves to complete accounts. As a follower, if the details provided turn out to be correct and not promotional gibberish, then I will definitely trust in your brand.

Offensive Pictures

If the brand posts offensive pictures, many people will opt to unfollow them. A dirty picture speaks more about the brand. Pornographic pictures are very disturbing pictures. To avoid destroying your brand’s image, then post professional pictures. A hacker may hack your account and post an unwanted picture. Do the necessary measures needed to be taken and remove the picture. You take apologize to your followers and explain to them what happened. Cases of cybercrime are heard often. All the same, for a brand to get a good reputation, you need to post relevant pictures.

Use social media in a wise way if you ever need to win over followers. The content that you post should be of quality. Your public image matters a lot. A 100% complete profile accounts are also necessary. Avoid posting irrelevant information of no use to the follower. Make sure the sole reason for creating the account has been achieved. Update people on the news about your brands since they are eager to know the latest promotions that you are offering. I know with those tips they will help you to know how to stay on the lookout for people to follow your brands.

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