Pre-assumptions are the main causes of anxiety

Putting blame on someone else is one of the renowned bad habits of us, but we never think that while we point a finger to someone, the rest four fingers point ourselves only. This is the thing with anxiety too.  We often blame other things to be the cause of our anxiety, but in reality, the thing is our own stress and we ignore it.

You can state now that is stress something that is not triggered by external things. The answer to the same is an absolute NO. Stress is your presumption about any object, incidence and person. You feel stressed thinking about the wrong things that can arise out of an incidence; the same is applicable while you think about a person’s interpretation in your life and profession, or can also happen while you think about the effects of an object. And it’s very harmful for your health, so you have to treat then. You can generic medicament for get relief of depression, You can get Etizolam generic pills at reasonable rate for

In most cases, you will find that the thought of yours was absolutely baseless and that due to that baseless pre-assumption, you have tried to manipulate the things in your way, which spoiled the entire thing. So, ultimately the reason for your anxiety is your pre-assumption and the generated stress from the same. Now, the thing to be done here are two – identify the pre-assumptions you make that makes you stressed and the ways you can handle those.

Pre-assumptions that forms stress

Among the different set of presumptions that forms stress in us, here are the few notable ones –

Pre-assumptions about a person

We often do pre-assume about some person, who is yet to join your office, or who has joined your floor very much recently. We start thinking that this person is having that nature and he/she would put that pressure on us. Thinking like that, we feel stress and unnecessarily we try to do things that are not at all essential.

While doing such, we often insist ourselves get involved in some of the activities that are not at all essential. In most cases, those unusual things make us do some set of activities just for the reason that we want to manipulate the situation and that in turns puts us in real calamity at times. All the things collected together spoils the entire show and we remain pressured under the weight of stress and anxiety.

The simple thing that is to be done here is to wait and watch. It is not required to presume about a person, especially when you are not having that skill within yourself. While you go on observing that person, your mind will naturally find out the solution to adopt yourself and your activities that matches with him/her. When you do that, there would be no stress at all and there would also be no reason to trigger your anxieties.

Pre-assumption about an incidence

We love to pre-assume the end results at times. This can be regarding the school results of our kids, can be the increment at our job; can be the upcoming promotion and many other things. All these things can be collectively referred to as expectations and whenever there is an expectation, there remain two chances – the first one is to be confident and the second one is to face the sorrow.

When our expectations related to pre-assumptions are fulfilled, we feel confident and repeated happening of the same triggers overconfidence. Now, when one sudden day, the expectations won’t match with the end result, we feel disappointed and our anxiety is triggered. This can happen in simple terms also. For example, you are late at your office and you are presuming that you would get the right vehicle that would reach you at your office at the scheduled time. It happens quite often, but that day, it won’t go by your way. The simple consequence you face is a big disappointment and that triggers anxiety.

The simple thing that would help you here, in this case, is to avoid making pre-assumptions and just to rely on time. Relying on time, would do nothing, but open up your mind. Look at this example – you are waiting for a bus and you are going late. Just because of a pre-assumption that you would reach office on time with bus only, you became late. But if you would have made no pre-assumptions, then you would find a shuttle vehicle knocking at you, which while availed would reach you at right time to your office. So, pre-assumptions block your mind to see and identify the opportunity that is before you. While relying on time would keep your mind wide open, to accept the opportunity and remain stress and anxiety-free.

Pre-assumptions of an object

This is often seen at the mass scale. A new object released faces endless pre-assumptions from different set of people of different profession and background. This happens with some movies, some new explorations; some new inventions and even with the simple new policy implemented at your office.

The thing is that we continue to pre-assume that this would make these things worse, that thing impossible to be achieved and so on. However, as and when time goes, you find that the things are turning out to be very much effective and fruitful.

So the thing that you do wrong here also is to assume the things that are to be revealed with time. Rely on time and rely on your vision. Let the time show what the thing is behind the object and the time itself will tell you whether to accept the object or to deny it. If it is to be accepted, then how the acceptance would be and how much the acceptance would be, will also be narrated by time itself. So, stop worrying unnecessarily and do follow everything likely. If you want to get more information about anxiety?

Coming to a conclusion

The thing that has been pointed out in this article is our expectations. This is the thing that makes us worried and that too unnecessarily. So, keep yourself out of the pre-assumptions and you will find that you are not feeling stressed and anxiety would also be ruled out.

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