Questions to Ask While Adopting a Persian Cat

You visit this page makes it very clear that you are looking for a cute little cat as your pet. Well, undoubtedly that’s a great decision, but have you decided on the breed that you wish to adopt? If not, then here is a suggestion for you. From the several other breeds available in the market known for their beauty and elegance, the Persian cat is one of the most demanding breeds. Now you can buy Persian cat from Mummy Cat.

Persian Cat

These are long hairs, cute with a flat face kittens that can make your day. You will love to cuddle them every time you find them walking around you. However, even when you can choose to buy it today itself, how will you understand that you have chosen the right and reliable breeder?

This is one of the most challenging aspects or steps have undergone by the pet owners. Since Persian cats require utmost care and love, not everyone claiming to give you the best one actually stand on their words. Hence, you require keeping your eyes open when it is about finding the breeder. So in today’s post, we will focus on finding the right breeder. This will require you to ask a few questions to the breeder. Are you thinking about what those are? Well, then read the following.

  1. Are the parents of the kitten certified? 

How does that matter, right? You want to their baby, not the parent. Well, the reality is this matters a lot. When you ask about the certification of their parents, it means that they are tested and then certified.

Since there are some breeds that tend to suffer from genetic issues like heart problems, making sure that their parents are free from such issues is a necessity. The chances are huge that the disease will pass from their parent to their babies and hence being certified is a necessity. If they are certified means, they do not have any such genetic issues.

  1. Can I meet the parents?

If it is possible to ask the breeds regarding the parents, then it is highly advised to do that. Tell the breeder that you are willing to meet the parents. If they are a reliable source, consider checking them. Find in details whether they seem to be in the best health condition. You need to evaluate their temperament as well. Check whether they are well adjusted with the surrounding or shy, as this will help to conclude the behavior of the kitten.

  1. Does the kitten easily socialize with other kittens?

While buying a kitten, you need to make sure that they are great at socializing. Since there will be kids along with other family members in your house, having kitten that enjoys being around other kittens, kids and members are the best choices. Socialization is something that is taught among the kittens from 6 to 16 weeks and hence, before buying a cat, consider watching them in details.

  1. Are the kittens being vaccinated? 

Each and every pet and human need to be provided with vaccination during their initial days. Since in the early stage, their bodies are not ready to fight against the harmful things in the atmosphere, vaccinations are provided to fight with those harmful viruses and bacteria. This again ensures fewer health issues in the future. Therefore, it is advised to check whether all the vaccinations are being provided to the kitten or something is due. In case there is something due, make sure you give it to eliminate the chances of getting health issues.

  1. Have the deworming been done in the kittens?

When the kittens are born, they go through a lot of phases, and one of the most crucial phases is dewormed. It is vital that the kitten you choose is dewormed. This will ensure that not only the kitten is safe, but also the worms are not passing to your kids and other family members.

  1. What are they currently feeding on? 

Since these kittens have just taken birth, you need to be very light and gradual with them. You cannot just feed them the way you like because their digestive system is not accustomed to the changes. Hence, you need to know in details regarding the feed used by the breeder and then gradually change to the veterinarian’s prescribed feed. This will ensure no problem in their digestive systems.

  1. Do you provide health certificate?

The health certificate is something that will be provided to you only by a reputed breeder. This ensures that the kitten is at its best health condition. However, if you can ask to check with your own veterinarian and if the breeder agrees to it, then it is a great thing for you to understand their health.

So, these are some of the most common questions that you can ask a breeder when you are planning to adopt a cat. However, you can choose Mummy Cat as they are offering Persian cat for sale.

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