Reasons Why CRM Software And Database Is Recommended To Business Startups

You will have all corners of database management covered including segmentation, patterns and connection with databases that will help you a lot in establishing your online business. It has in fact become the core factor for success and operation.

Reasons Why CRM Software And Database Is Recommended To Business Startups

However, this can seem to you a bit of an enigma especially if you are a less tech minded person. It is therefore better if you know about the different databases that you can use and also be aware of their migration and security.

As a startup you will have to secure your databases first and then proceed with your other operations. For this it is best to use the CRM software. It is highly effective and beneficial for any business owner, especially the startups. As far as the benefits are concerned for the CRM software, it can be enumerated as under:

  • Contact organization: You have to save your contacts first and foremost which Customer Relationship Management or CRM can do for you. As your business grows the customer base will also grow and you will need an immaculate system that will organize the data and information precisely. It will work to your benefit as it will help you to run sales processes more effectively and fluently.
  • Sales reporting: The software will also help in the process of sales reporting as you will be able to keep an overview of the sales performance. You will have different useful metrics to analyze such as calls made and deals booked to see the sales prospects. This will help you to manage your pipeline ideally.
  • Customer segmentation: This is perhaps the most significant benefits that CRM will provide you with. All digital marketers and sales teams depend heavily on customer segmentation in this modern online business landscape. These are not only useful for personalization needs but also helps in breaking down several prospects into different groups such as the size of the deal, the location and lots more. All this will give you as well as your sales team a bit more focus.

You can consider CRM as Contact Relationship Management that will handle a lot of functions as under:

  • Event Scheduling: This will provide you with one or more calendars that will help you to schedule a reminder and promote any events that you or your sales team may wish to follow. You may also have added benefits such as automated invitations along with RSVPs and public or private calendars.
  • Messaging: More than email, messaging is now extensively used. With the help of this tool you can now include tweets, texts, IM, and social messaging to manage and establish a contact with your database. This system will embrace multiple channels with focus on contact preference.
  • To-Do Task List: To manage your database you will need to have a carefully designed to-do list. Ideally, your email inbox is a poor and unsafe place to keep track of all your tasks. With the help of this software you can create any unscheduled task and then move it to the calendar by adding a date.

All document activities will be supported by CRM software including moving forward contact relationship for which you will not only need to know what is coming up next but also need to know what has just happened. The tools will provide you with the scope to review prior interactions which is a crucial prep for your future conversations.

Types of databases

You can choose between desktop and server database types but as your first consideration as a startup business owner you will need to make the right choice. For this you will need to know the features of each first.

The elements included in desktop databases are:

  • MS Access
  • FileMaker Pro
  • FoxPro
  • Lotus Approach and
  • Paradox

It is a lot less expensive as compared to the server databases and ismore suitable for single person accessibility. It is easy to update data in it and also to make a fairly standard query at a time. These queries may include recalling up customer records for billing or for organizing demographic categories for effective marketing.

Server databases on the other hand include:

  • MS SQL Server or even the new cloudbased Azure
  • Oracle for ideal multi-platform integration
  • MySQL and
  • IBM DB2.

These databases are costly and much more powerful, consistent, flexible, and reliable than desktop variants. You can make the best use of the developer friendly APIs as you will find in and other will enable you to have easy customization either personally or by multiple user access. Ideally, a server database system will meet the needs of the web developer, different platforms and programming languages.

About database migration

When you need to import spreadsheet data into desktop databaseyou will need a computer having Microsoft Office Professional. After that, you will need to move a few data from MS Excel to MS Access. You must follow the instructions related to MS Access during the process such as:

  • Creating and locating a simple Excel spreadsheet with heading that includes the names, addresses and telephone numbers along with an ID field and number of entries
  • Opening MS Access to enter name for your database and then click ‘Create’
  • Clicking the MS Excel option on the menu bar to browse the spreadsheet in the standard way
  • Choosing the radio button for the option for inputting data into the new table
  • Checking the list of fields in the display window and ticking on the checkbox that asks to treat the first row as the header
  • Selecting the ID field and option that says’Let Access add Primary Key’ and finally
  • Naming and saving your table.

After the completion of all these steps you will see it in the main Access object window.

Database security

Database security is the final aspect and that includes mobile database security as well. This is crucial for any business startup to prevent hackers from stealing personal information or interrupt your operations. Practice backing up databases, malware scanning, culture of BYOD and erecting a firewall for your database system to prevent access for remote working.

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