Investing in Your Future: How to Secure Your Golden Years

Retirement Savings –  Investing in your future is something that, while very important to your financial security, is often neglected by younger people. The distance from your golden years can make you feel invincible, and that’s simply not the case. Making sound financial decisions throughout your life is key when it comes to ensuring the secure and relaxing retirement one deserves. Here are some methods by which you can guarantee that your retirement will be as worry free as possible.

Retirement Savings

Life Insurance

Life insurance perhaps tops the list of topics that tend to be reserve for later in life when it is generally expected to be more relevant. While this is understandable, there are a few reasons that this kind of thinking is ultimately fallacious. For starters, the nature of life is fleeting and fragile, and life insurance could become a necessity unexpectedly. However, don’t rush into getting life insurance out of fear. A term life insurance policy can be less than ideal, especially if you want full protection from the unexpected. A term life insurance policy is a form of insurance that lasts for a certain period of time only. This fits into the mindset of death as something that will be predictable, which isn’t always the case.

However, an IRC 7702 plan or participating whole life insurance policy provides a long term alternative with a couple of additional benefits. Either option will provide your loved ones with a payout in the event of your passing. A 7702 plan doesn’t expire after a set time. Rather, a whole life plan lasts for the entirety of your lifetime, provided continued payments. In addition, a whole life plan also increases in value over time, which allows it to provide a potentially much greater payout once you have passed; you can also withdraw funds from a whole life plan if needed, such as in the case of an emergency situation.

Retirement Fund

A retirement fund is a crucial part of life after leaving the workforce, for obvious reasons. Having a sum of money to live off of once you no longer have income is a necessity. Retirement funds are the primary means people use to accomplish this. A retirement fund increases in value as you work, because a portion of your salary is deducted and placed into the account. Therefore, the longer your account remains active, the more value it will have. Starting a retirement fund as early as possible is key. Retirement funds are baked into many professions. So, investing in your future adjusting your career path to account for this can be extremely helpful. However, you can also start a retirement fund of your own volition if your career doesn’t have this benefit.

Retirement Benefits

Social security is a government run program that offers retirees a retirement pension. Eligibility starts at age 65, and it has additional requirements relating to your work history. However, much like a retirement fund, the benefits of social security increase based on the amount of the money you have earned. Unlike a retirement fund, there are no steps that you should actively take to accrue value, as social security benefits accrue automatically. The only step that needs to be taken is applying for benefits when the time comes. However, the benefits of social security are often insufficient on their own and require supplementary income from other sources.


Frugality is the practice of investing in your future. Choosing to save money over luxuries provides a foolproof method of building your savings. Furthermore, being frugal offers you the best means by which to stretch your retirement savings as far as possible. Frugal practices are many and varied, but a good place to start is simply buying off brand products in the supermarket. With some experimentation, you can often find off brand products that are indistinguishable from their name brand counterparts while being much cheaper.

Saving money for retirement can be a lot of work. However, it’s easy to see why it’s worth the effort. With these tips, you’re ready to start saving in order to secure your retirement and end of life.

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