The Benefits Of Role-Playing Games During Times Of Crisis

Role playing games online – In times of crisis, most people will follow their gut instinct and act accordingly to ensure their safety and survival. But while having access to basic needs – such as food, shelter, water and medication – should be prioritized, taking time to de-stress and communicate with others should also be done to ensure one’s mental well-being during trying times. According to the World Health Organization, one in four people will be affected by mental health problems at some point in their lives, and most individuals experience anxiety, depression or isolation during an economic or global health crisis. To reduce loneliness and negative emotions during hard times, one should find healthy and enjoyable ways to cope with them, such as exercising, engaging in artistic pursuits, or playing role-playing games. Studies have shown that playing online or tabletop role-playing games may help to keep you in a positive frame of mind in times of global turmoil.

role playing games online

Here’s how role-playing games can help you cope during times of crisis.

It improves your social skills

Experts believe that most young people have become socially awkward, isolated, and feel intense social anxiety because of a lack of real-world social skills. As individuals continue to rely on social media and online platforms to connect with others, it’s likely that they’ve forgotten how to be social and communicate with people face to face. Thankfully, playing classic tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, can improve social skills, making it helpful for people who feel lonely or awkward. As the game’s narrative and collaborative storytelling aspect enables you to interact with others on a face to face basis, it helps you to hone your listening skills so you can respond or act accordingly while playing. Moreover, it can help children to open up, and gets quieter or introverted kids to come out of their shells as they discover the magic of role-playing.

It enhances your problem-solving skills

Having good problem-solving skills is essential if you want to get through a difficult time in your life. While working on puzzles and playing chess can boost your abilities to think on your feet, the same could be said of role-playing games, as they give you a safe space in which you can look at a scenario from different angles and find the best way to overcome certain challenges. You can flex your skills while playing Dungeons and Dragons, as your hunting party could be ambushed by a blood-thirsty cult, and you’ll need to figure out a creative way to get yourself out of trouble. Problem-solving skills can also come into play when you’re playing online RPGs such as Worlds of Warcraft, as most online RPGs call for effective strategizing with co-players in order for you to win the game.

It can help you to empathize and be a team player

Looking after yourself is important during times of crisis, but it’s equally important to care for others when your entire community is coping with difficulties and tragedies. Playing role-playing games enables you to empathize and be a better team player as you create a bond with other players. As you learn to work together to overcome challenges, the bond becomes stronger, and you begin to rely and trust on each other more as you work through numerous obstacles. In the real world, teamwork and empathy can also help to make things more bearable during times of crisis. For instance, although the Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the worst in some people, there were still many instances when some individuals and groups chose to give and to help those in need. Stories of people giving free meals to those who have lost their jobs, or accounts of individuals handing out free masks to keep everyone safe from the virus, just proves to show that in trying times, compassion and empathy can help to make things a little better.

Role-playing games can help you cope during times of crisis. Try playing RPGs with your family and friends, and see how it can benefit your well-being and help you get through real-life challenges.

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