Russia And Iran Deal For Weapons Worth Billions of Dollars

Iran and Russian will also cooperate in the fields of industrial technology and oil.

Russia and Iran deal

Iran’s Defense Minister recently paid an official visit to Russia holding talks with his counterpart, the Deputy Premier and the aide to the President Vladimir Putin.

Several issues were discussed during this very important visit including the state of war on terror, regional security and the civil war in Syria. However, high on the agenda was the military cooperation between the two countries.

Iran is one of the major buyers of Russian weapons. After the Iranian revolution, Moscow and Tehran enthusiastically y cooperated in the field of military technology. The state of affairs ended when the West slapped sanctions on Iran.

Last year after the Iran Nuclear Deal, it was announced that sanction will be eased. The Iran deal has once again strengthened the prospect s of renewed military cooperation between the two counties.

After Iran deal was announced, in September 2015, another deal was signed between Tehran and Moscow for delivering S – 300 MU-2 air defense systems to the former. The actual implementation of the deal will begin in 2016. It will be completed by autumn of the same year.

An S-300 air defense system consists of one command point and four missile launchers in each of two divisions. The price of two such units will be more than a billion dollars. After signing of the Iran deal, the very first batch of the delivery was sent to the Kapustin Yar military range where the systems will be thoroughly tested for their performance and capabilities before being delivered to a destination in Iran through the sea.

Moreover, Iranian specialists will also be trained in the use of S – 300. This training will be carried out in Russia in 2016 and will span over four months. This is also included within the terms of the Iran deal.

This latest Iran deal for Russian arms has opened the door to a new round of military and technological cooperation between Iran and Russia. Experts suggest that Iran is in need for weapons worth around 1 billion dollars. Russia has the ability to satisfy Iran’s arms needs.

It is also reported that during the recent high level talks, Iran has indicated that it is ready to buy Russian weapons worth around 8 billion dollars.

Iran is also seeking Russian assistance in producing an integrated echelon air defense system with several components including short-range, medium range and long-range. This system can be easily built with the help of Russian expertise. One of its important components is Su-30SM flanker jet fighters. Iran will also buy flankers from Russia and a contract for the same will be signed next year.

Iran is also planning to buy wide range of military hardware from Russia. This will include missile launchers with anti ship missiles, jet fighters, helicopters, frigates, tanks and submarines.

Iran is currently seeing Russia as a very reliable partner. Experts are saying that in the coming future, the focus of this relationship will shift towards oil deals and technological advancement.

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