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Personal accident insurance

Your life is precious for you and for your family because they love you and never want to lose you. There is nothing predictable as you have to be pre-alert and prepared to face uncertainties that may cause severe injury or even death. This may lead to heavy money drain which is quite stressful in away. When the problem is around, the solution is automatically behind it. Personal Accident Insurance is the solution for your all uncertainties. It backs you up financially, whenever you are in need. Nobody wants to get into accidents and other unfortunate events. There are a lot of people who go through such bad incidents. What’s important here is to maintain yourself on financial base. Buy personal accident insurance and stay away from all financial tension. This policy insured you against Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, Temporary Total Disability, Transportation of Mortal Remains, Children‘s Education Benefit and more. Personal Accident Insurance has defined benefit plans bifurcated as per insurers. The plan pays the pre-determined sum assured in the event of death or disability.

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Below are some of the coverage benefits you can avail with Personal Accident insurance –

Accidental Death: Unfortunate things can happen anytime without even knocking your door. Personal Accident Insurance assures financial support in case of accidental death by taking up all expenses. Here insurer provides 100% sum insured to the nominee as per the plans like a basic, basic plus plan, advance or comprehensive plan. If during the policy period insured meet with an accidental bodily injury that causes death within 12 months. You will be given complete compensation. 

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Permanent Total Disability: If an individual becomes completely disabled because of bodily injury, fatal disease or adverse sickness that is considered as Permanent Total Disability.  In such a situation, the insurer pay insured 100% of sum insured mentioned under various plans. Such an accident is the sole and direct cause of such Permanent Total Disability. Like for loss of both the eyes 100% sum insured will be given. Hence, buying personal accident insurance is worth for every individual.

Suppose you are going on a bike and you met with an accident, you have your two-wheeler insurance, but what about the injuries, you have taken from that insurance? That’s why personal accident is a must buy insurance

Permanent Partial Disability: It is the condition in which a person is unable to continue his/her job due to bodily injury or illness. This cover helps financially to the work-related injury results in permanent loss. Permanent Partial Disability means loss of the body part or partial loss of use of the body as a whole. Here insurer provides compensation accordingly like 70% sum insured for disablement of an arm at the shoulder joint, 65 % for an arm above the elbow joint.

Temporary Total Disability: In such a situation, the injury does not result in death or permanent disability, but makes the injured person unable to perform regular tasks or activities. If the insured named in the schedule suffer Accidental Bodily Injury during the Policy Period shown under each of the Schedule headings Comprehensive Plan that is selected by the insured. In this, a weekly payment of a fixed sum insured is sent to the insured per week till he/she gets back to the normal job activities.

Conclusively, personal accident insurance is worth buying for everyone to make them safe and secure in different conditions. Apart from the above coverage benefits, there are some additional coverages also i.e. Transportation of mortal remains, Children’s Education benefit, Hospital confinement allowance, Accidental Hospitalisation Cover and more. You can avail all these services altogether if you buy personal accident insurance. So, buy personal accident insurance and stay safe, healthy and fit.

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