Safety Mistakes To Avoid on Your Next Marketing Tour

Safety Mistakes To Avoid on Your Next Marketing Tour

When your business is moving onto a new stage, whether that’s a simple pivot, new product, or new service, you need to employ some different forms of marketing. You have to get customers far and wide on board and supporting your business, and one effective way to do this is with a marketing tour. These tours are incredibly effective, but there are a few major safety mistakes you must avoid on your next marketing tour.

Failing To Follow Safety Protocols

Before even starting your tour, clearly establish a set of safety protocols for you and your team. These protocols must be comprehensive, covering the tour itself and the setup and teardown of event displays. There’s a lot of room for things and people to break and get hurt, and the chance of these accidents happening will only increase if people on your team fail to follow safety protocols. In the early stages of your marketing tour, create extensive safety guidelines and strictly enforce them.

Not Being DOT Compliant

One of the biggest safety mistakes you can make when on your marketing tour is not being completely DOT compliant. The Department of Transportation extensively regulates commercial marketing tours, and some of these rules greatly emphasize safety. Staying DOT compliant on your marketing tour is important because this ensures drivers are qualified and the vehicles you’re driving are up to safety standards.

DOT compliance helps your business stay safe on the road, and many businesses turn to professional marketing tour services to handle all these compliance and safety standards for them. If you want extra assurance your business remains DOT compliant on tour, contact professionals for help.

Rushing Yourself

Another mistake you must avoid is rushing yourself and your team. You must adhere to a strict set of deadlines on a marketing tour and factor in the time it takes to get to events, set up, and tear down. Setting dates too close together is easy, but you should always err on the side of caution and give your business enough wiggle room. Rushing yourself is a recipe for disaster for your business because you’ll miss out on the most important thing—quality customer interactions.

You must avoid these safety mistakes on your next marketing tour if you want everything to go smoothly. With the right time and planning, you can identify and avoid these potential roadblocks that would get in the way of a successful marketing tour. This process may not be the easiest, but it’s a necessary step in keeping your business’ marketing strategies safe and effective.

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