San Diego Shooting Turned Out To Be A False Alarm

Reports of the alleged San Diego shooting in a Naval Medical Center were unfounded, naval officials declared in a press conference.

San Diego Shooting Turned Out To Be A False Alarm

It has been revealed that the news of San Diego shooting at a Naval Medical Center was false. Navy officials announced that the reports of a person shooting and firing inside the building were unfounded. The officials also stated that a lone witness had reported hearing shots fired inside the basement of the building at around 8 am. This was the reason why law enforcement agencies descended on the naval medical center in an urgent manner.

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The authorities conducted interviews of the witness and later, searched the building. There was apparently no foul play to be reported. Navy captain Curt Jones, the commanding officer of the facility said during a press conference that his officials had conducted an initial clearing of the building and could not find anything that would suggest a dangerous situation.

Reuters reported that at least 7 law enforcement agencies including SWAT, US Marshals and San Diego County Sheriff’s staff had reported to the scene. The Sheriff’s Department had brought an armored vehicle. There were armed officers accompanied by dogs searching through the building. Employees evacuated the building with hands raised above their heads.

Captain Curt Jones further added that at the time of the press conference no indications had been discovered that would point towards firing of shots within the premises. No casualties of the San Diego shooting were reported either.

Information regarding the witness and what he had to say about the alleged San Diego shooting were not made available to the press. However, an official of the US military said that the witness was being interviewed by investigators.

The Navy official further said that every threat is being taken very seriously by the authorities. Moreover, training is also provided to people so that they would know what they should do in such situations especially when there is an active shooter roaming within the premises.

Initially, there had been an advice by the medical center to the occupants within the building which said: Run, hide or fight. This was through a post published on a social media site. All the non emergency staff was also advised to stay away from the building.

Employees of the facility also received text messages warning them that there might be a shooter within the premises of the medical center.

The shooter was allegedly reported in Building no. 26 which contains a gym and barracks. School in the vicinity were placed on lockdown.

The Navy medical Center of San Diego is located at the south-eastern corner of the Balboa Park. It has 400 physicians, more than 750 nurses and hundreds of civilian and military personnel. It offers 272 beds for providing medical facility to active soldiers and their family members. The hospital has a capacity to treat more than 250,000 patients.

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