Concealment of Sexual Arousal Under the Cover of Friendship

Concealment of sexual arousal under the cover of friendship—Renowned thinker Rousseau says, “man is a social animal.” Political philosophers opine, “man is a political animal.” In fact, men and women are sexual animals.

Concealment of sexual Arousal under the cover of friendship

During the Stone Age, men use to extinguish their sexual sentiment by raping women by force, though the ladies did not show their sexual desire by resisting the men. But, inwardly women were pleased, as they were satisfied.

In the modern society of today, under the cover of friendship, men and women fulfill their sexual arousal. When men and women interact with each other in academic institutes, offices, and other meeting places, they are always sexually conscious, even talking to each other in relation to their official matters—while serving in even in the UNO offices, same sexual consciousness remains, which the male and female sexes conceal.

Some people remark that friendship of the opposite sexes creates understanding and closeness between a boy and a girl who may marry in the future. Besides, this friendship also gives them enjoyment and mental satisfaction, even though a man and women do not marry.

In his novels, especially in the “Women in Love”, D. H. Lawrence and those literary figures who evaluated him agree that both men and women hide their sexual arousal under the mask of friendship.

Lawrence calls it “animal passion” and elaborates that sexual relationship should not be mechanical, it should be natural.

In fact, boys and girls waste their time in friendship, as sometimes they engage in sexual intercourse after maturing their friendship by taking short period of some weeks, while sometimes; they take several months or even years.

It is better for them to connect each other through sexual intercourse within one or three days to get rid of their sexual excitement, instead of hiding it.

After several intercourses, a majority of the couples leave each other. Therefore, separations or divorces have become very common.

However, if during the period of nature, men used to force the ladies for sexual intercourse, in the present era, both male and female sexes conceal their sexual arousal under the cover of friendship.

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