Groom and Style with a Shaver Machine for Men

Shaver Machine for Men

Gone are the days where you had to visit the salon for grooming. You can easily use a shaver machine at home to get the desired look effortlessly. Although many believe the process to be a tedious and painful experience, that only results from poor technique.

Shaver Machine for Men

Learning how to shave correctly using a shaver machine will ensure a clean and polished look every day. And, proper shaving techniques also help prevent painful shaving cuts and ingrown hair.

By following this step by step guide, shaving will become a trouble-free task, and you can get an ultra-groomed look at home in no time, without spending any money!

Step 1: Preparation

Before using a shaver machine, wash your face thoroughly. Doing so will prevent infections in case of nicks. Otherwise, you can exfoliate your face and clean the beard area to prepare for a shave.

Step 2: Softening the Beard

Soak a cloth in lukewarm water and hold it to your beard for 30 seconds. It will help soften and loosen your skin and hair.

Step3: Application of Shaving Cream

Now, take some shaving cream onto your palm, and apply it evenly over your beard and neck. Make sure to do so in upward circular motions, ensuring to cover all the sections you want to shave uniformly. When you’re done, just use a shaver machine gently to get a comfortable shave.

Step4: Shave the Top Section of Your Beard

While shaving the top section of the beard, start from the top of the beard to the edge of your jaw-line, in long even strokes.

Step 5: Shaving Neck and Chin

For shaving under your chin and neck, start from the bottom of your neck upwards to prevent nicks. 

Step 6: A Close Shave

For a closer shave, you can pull your skin taut with your free hand.

Step 7: Shaving the Upper Lip

For shaving your upper lip, stretch it over your front teeth to tighten the skin and use the shaver machine in downwards motion.

Step 8: Rinse Your Face for Touch Ups

Proceed with washing off the excess shaving cream with lukewarm water and look for sections of the beard if missed. Shave off any of the remaining areas.

Step 9: Moisturize Your Face 

After a shave, it is apt to use toner rather than an alcohol-based aftershave. Later on, apply a moisturizer to complete your shave and get a smooth look.

If you are a shaving novice, these tips will help you get better in just a few attempts. However, when it comes to styling, it can become difficult to choose between a clean shave and maintaining a beard. To help you understand what is more suitable for you, look at the pros of each:

Pros of Clean Shaving

  • Clean shaving involves a single and straightforward process. It will become your everyday routine.
  • Traditionally having a clean-shaven face was considered professional. Nowadays, even though the beard has gained immense popularity, a clean-shaven face is accepted everywhere and prevents judgment.
  • Men without beards look young is a common belief.

Pros of Maintaining a Beard

  • Having a beard is the newest trend on the block. There is a specific type of attractiveness that has become popular in recent years.
  • The most significant advantage of having a bearded look is that the chore of shaving every day disappears. Thus, helping you save time every morning.
  • Maintaining a beard is easy, with an ideal shaving machine for men. It requires a trim, a quick wash application of beard oil, and a comb through only a couple of times a week.

Shaver Machine: Eases Styling and Grooming

In the end, it is your personal choice and decision to groom and style the way you want. Although, it is essential that you have the right shaver machine for getting ready the way you want. It will be beneficial to opt for luxury brands like Vega that offers high-quality shaving machine for men. Mr. Smart Shaver by Vega has stainless steel blades that self-sharpen for easy and extended use.

Get on the right track today with feeling good in your skin!

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