Silicon Valley Biggest Companies Review

Silicon Valley is located near San Francisco Bay Area in United States. The base of World top companies is in Silicon Valley. Therefore, we are describing the Silicon Valley biggest companies.

Silicon Valley Biggest Companies Review

Silicon Valley Biggest Companies:

Whenever we think about the top companies of the world, a few names comes in our mind. Well, Silicon Valley have all of them. These companies are generating billions of revenue from their products.  Silicon Valley biggest companies are listed below:


Apple is a world-class company whose products are demanded from the whole world. The company is popular for its iPhones, iPads, TV, watches etc. Silicon Valley biggest companies includes Apple, the most elite brand of the whole world.


It is the widely held search engine around the globe. It has a very vast network. Now, it offers a number of services. Its head quarter is in Mountain View, California. It offers a number of products and services for its users.


It is considered as the most successful social networking platform. Facebook’s headquarter is also situated in Silicon Valley. Facebook is managing billions of people to connect with each other.


Visa is a company located in Silicon Valley which is operating internationally. It helps the people in transferring of funds with the help of its credit and debit cards.


E-bay is an organization which allows you to sell and buy products online. It is providing B2C and C2C services. It is a very prosperous company. That is why it is in the list of Silicon Valley biggest companies.


Another company of Silicon Valley with a good reputation in the entire world. Its products includes laptops, tablets, notebooks, computers and other products related to the field of technology.


Microsoft produces a large number of excellent products. It owns a number of popular products. Skype, windows, tablets, laptops, Mobiles, Xbox, development tools, browsers and many more. Hence, Microsoft is another world-class company of Silicon Valley.


Yahoo is known for its search engine as well as for its email service. Its revenue is 4.96 billion dollars in 2015. It gives a large number of services to the consumers. It is also used for small businesses.


It is a social networking service provided to the consumers so that they can tweet. It is very popular these days.

Silicon Valley also contains Netflix, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Intel, Juniper, LinkedIn, Tesla Motors, EA (electronic arts) and many more.


Silicon Valley contains headquarters of a number of top class companies. Silicon Valley biggest companies are well-known around the globe. These companies are generating billions of revenue through their products and services. Other than these top class companies, Silicon Valley is also the base of many start-ups.

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