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To work in the United Kingdom is a dream for many. The country has great services to offer to anybody who decides to work there, apart from being the perfect blend of modernity and tradition, the UK is highly regarded for its strict laws on discrimination in the workplace on the basis of gender, race, and many other aspects. It is because of reasons like these that the country witnesses a large number of immigrant influx from around the globe. But will the UK continue to see this influx after its Brexit deal with the European Union?

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The news of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union first made headlines in the year 2016 when the country decided to exit. However, it is only recently that the Brexit deal was finally signed off. The deal was signed on Dec 31st and following this, the changes have come into effect from January 1st, 2021. The first and foremost change that has come in place is the free movement between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

The United Kingdom, prior to the Brexit deal was known for its easy transport into the other countries of the EU, but the free movement has now been restricted. Apart from this, the government has announced the opening of four routes to obtain a visa for the country. The General Tier 2 Visa category has now been replaced with the skilled worker route visa and the citizens of the EU, now stands at par with the Non-EU citizens, in terms of applying for the visa.

But what changes will the Brexit deal bring for the employers in the UK? It is certain that the Brexit deal will impact a lot of organizations and chances are that the immigrants see the country as less attractive now for work. But it is important for organizations to keep certain things in mind. The burden of knowing and understanding the impact of the Brexit deal on their organizations falls on the Human Resource teams of those organizations. HR teams are responsible for recruiting staff and thus they should be the ones having complete clarity in this entire matter. In these uncertain times, the first thing that the recruiters can do is to provide assurance. Many people from around the globe work in the United Kingdom, so it is important to provide assurance to the staff that is already working.

The recruiters should also be aware of the new four routes that have opened up and that if the organization is willing to take onboard the employees from outside the UK, these employees will fall under the category of Skilled Route Visa and need to apply for Sponsor Licence. If you are deciding to work in the United Kingdom, it is important for you to discuss this with an immigration lawyer in the UK. Since the rules have changed, speaking to an immigration lawyer in the UK can prove beneficial.

Plus it is also important for the organizations to lay out the policies clearly as the process of immigration is a sensitive one. Organizations should try and develop social media policies in order for effective communication. In order to keep the economy afloat and in order to attract more people to the UK, the organizations should try to communicate better with the aspiring workforce.

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Since the United Kingdom sees more migration, it is important for us to keep fixating on the visa routes and the fact that how important it is for aspiring individuals to get in contact with an immigration lawyer UK.

The lawyer would be able to present a clear picture in front of you about the changes in the immigration law and the impact that it will have on the visa. Plus, the lawyer will be able to guide you better if you can apply for a Sponsor Licence under the skilled worker route visa. If you are one of those individuals who decide on moving to the UK to work, then it is equally important for you as well to keep a tab on all the recent updates related to immigration policies.

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