Smart Shaq Facts About Shaquille O’Neal’s Car & Truck Collection

Shaquille O’Neal, although retired, is a famous basketball star who has made many fortunes for himself.  He is not just renowned at his career; he is also renowned for having an impressive collection of cars. He owns many expensive and unique vehicles that had to be customized so they can accommodate him.

Shaq is also nicknamed as The Big Aristotle majorly because of his big size. He is so big that most of his cars had to be modified to fit into them and then they become a Shaq Car. The NBA star must have acquired at least 17 cars in his garage because he loves cars, and below, we will only discuss some facts about Shaquille’s garage.

  1. Shaq’s Dodge Challenger was customized so he could fit in

Some cars wouldn’t just accommodate Shaq due to his big size – his Dodge Challenger is no exception. But as usual, Shaq would always have a solution for each of his problems, just as he usually does on the basketball court. This car was remodeled so he could fit in.

He also added red LED headlights and under-glow lightings on the car, which gave the vehicle a ferocious cat look. He then named the car “Shaqcat.”

  1. He also drives a Lamborghini Gallardo

As low as a sports car can be, Shaq needed to adjust his Lamborghini Gallardo seats. Shaq is familiar with this type of problem, so he only had to do just what he did to his Dodge Challenger to enjoy driving his Lamborghini.

This modification was carried out by The Gaffoglio Metalcrafters this time around. This project was so perfected that one could barely observe any noticeable changes on the car.

  1. A movie influenced Shaq to buy a Vaydor

Apart from being a professional basketball player, Shaq also had some career in the movie industry. He played a rogue role in the action-filled movie in which he drove a Vaydor. He must have thought to himself that driving such a car will be so cool on the Florida streets. He bought himself the car and had it customized as usual.

  1. He coated his GMC Sierra Denali in Gold

Gold cars are hard to come by, but everyone living around Shaq gets to see a gold car daily. Apart from the fact that his GMC Sierra Denali was customized in shiny gold, he also raised his suspension, so the car was as tall as him. He also made some other modifications to the car, making the car look harder and harsher on the road.

  1. Shaq also owns a Polaris Slingshot that is as unique as he is.

Shaq is unique, so are his cars. He acquired a Polaris Slingshot and had it stretched so that the vehicle could accommodate him and some extra seats at the back. He also had the car seats upgraded to leather seats and equipped it with a sound system of 18 speakers. Hanging out with Shaq in this three-wheeled ride will surely be a great experience.

  1. He was gifted with a Sprinter Van of America.

Indeed, Shaq may have the cash, but he also enjoyed gifts. One of the gifts he enjoyed was a Sprinter Van of America. This car is worth $90, 000 and has a comfortable seat setting and a customized TV screen and speakers.

  1. Shaq will also like to wow you with his Big Hoffa

Shaq will so much like you to feel impressed when he drives around in his Big Hoffa. The car is an ugly but cute one, and because of its features, Shaq’s fans give enough accolades for the car. 

  1. Shaq had to wait for six months to get his Rolls Royce Phantom

Generally, the Rolls Royce Company takes caution in designing and manufacturing their car products. The same detailed procedure was followed when building Shaq’s Rolls Royce Phantom. He needed to wait for six months before he could lay his hands on his new addition. Yes, the car is worth the wait as it is customized with cool features and adorable rims. If you were his friend, you might have gotten one too, as Shaq also gifted some of his friends this lovely car.

Final words – Shaq’s Cars

In conclusion, we observed that if you’re not close enough to Shaq, you would know little or nothing about him, especially his car collections. He still has many more, so if you wish to know and even enjoy a ride with him, try to make friends with him.

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