Some Study Life Hacks That Will Help You Ace Your Exam

Go for an Exam – Be the Best at It

Exams, presentations and paperwork are all part of our life at some point. Even after we finish studying, there are still deadlines that we have to meet or work to do in our personal life. Either way, there are some bullet-proof theories about how you can nail exams and deadlines and still make a nice experience out of it.

Even if we finished school a long time ago or we are in the middle of an exam session, the stress before will stay with us forever. The wasted nights, the popular tricks shared by our colleagues and the hacks of how to study in a more efficient way are still part of our life.

Myths About Studying for an Exam and What to Avoid

As all of us shared the pain of having to study for exams and went through the stress and anxiety that come along with the preparation, certain myths about how to be more efficient when studying came out very quickly. For example, one of the trend during exams time is that studying one night before for your exam might be a good way to nail it.

5 Study Hacks to Help You Ace Your Exams

Investing in a productive studying process means investing in yourself and your baggage of knowledge and information, in the long run. This is why you need these 5 tricks to help you make this process a fun and productive one:

  1. Find the perfect place to study

What happens: When having to study for an exam, one might not focus too much on how to do it. However, as trivial as this might sound, finding the perfect place to study might influence your efficiency.

How to avoid it: Either a library or at home, make sure the place you choose for studying has fresh air, plenty of light and you feel safe and relaxed while you are there.

  1. Get rid of distractions

What happens: Distractions are the cause of many people not being able to focus for more than 10 minutes, as they are interrupting the study process in order to do something else.

How to avoid it: Create a routine before the study process, which is the moment when you put away your phone and any other distraction, such as an open tab with Facebook, something playing on the TV, chatting in another window with someone else and so on.

  1. Study gradually

What happens: People usually become aware of the fact that they have to study in the last minute or the day before an exam. Even though motivation is sometimes hard to find, you shouldn’t allow it to be the fact that you have an exam.

How to avoid it: Organize your study in such a way that it starts one month enough time before your exam. Ideally, you will have time to read every day 5 pages and go through them thoroughly, so the information gets stuck in your head.

  1. Make notes, use colours or sticky notes

What happens: When you have to study full pages of text, which are not separated or illustrated in any way which is easier to read, then you will have to find a way to memorize the information in an efficient way.

How to do it: One way to do it is to make notes of what you have read and what you have understood from the text. Using certain colours might work for you as well, as your brain will associate the colour with the specific information you have attached it to. This will allow you to remember in a much easier and faster way what you have studied.

  1. Listen to yourself

What happens: If you have to prepare a presentation, this hack might particularly come to help. However, this can work for written exams as well, as it allows you the chance to listen to yourself aloud and see what you have memorized so far.

How to do it: After you have finished studying a certain chapter or part of the text, start talking aloud about what you have understood from the text.


All in all, studying for an exam shouldn’t be seen as an impossible mission. Even if you can’t seem to find the motivation you need, organizing your time and understating your own process of learning can be key to help you ace your exams.

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