Staying Active with a Disability: Tips to Keep You Moving

In the United States alone, there are more than 50 million people who are living with some type of disability. That is about 20% of the total population. Unfortunately, disabilities and sports aren’t something many people talk about in the same sentence. While this is true, staying active with a disability can help those suffering from both mental and physical impairment. Any type of exercise you participate in will help to strengthen the heart, improve coordination, build strong muscles, and improve self-esteem.

Staying Active with a Disability

There are several sports that have been adapted for those who are suffering with a disability and want to stay active. There is also an array of recreational programs that allow you to enjoy sports for leisurely, social, and wellness reasons. Also, sports and similar activities help those with disabilities enjoy an environment where they can develop essential life skills.

Some of the best activities for those who want to keep active with a disability are described below.

Active Cycling With a Disability

One of the most popular sports among the disabled community is using modified bicycles for cycling. For example, there are several tricycle models that offer improved stability and that can be modified using custom-made pedals, handlebars, and seats. If you are unable to pedal using your legs, you can enjoy hand cycling. This also lets you cycle in a reclined position.

For those who are dealing with visual or hearing impairments, they can participate in tandem cycling. This is a safe way to get physical exercise without being in any danger of an accident or injury.

Water Sports

Swimming is one of the best sports you can participate in. It offers both strength and cardio exercise benefits that do wonders for your mind and body. Also, this is something that is very low impact, which means it can be handled by anyone – even those who are deaf or blind.

One of the top reasons that swimming is ideal for anyone with disabilities is because it doesn’t require any special equipment. You can participate in these activities or events with very little modifications. You can also participate in swimming at home by investing in a pool. To do this, try to find the best pool builders near me as they can help you get the results desired.

Horseback Riding

Hippo-therapy is a term that is used when talking about the use of horses to help improve a person’s emotional, sensory, social, or physical well-being. It is a common activity for those with disabilities. These programs are fun, and they offer quality exercise opportunities for those who are dealing with mobility issues. Most programs are led by a certified instructor or therapist. They are able to offer additional advice and professional adaptability for those who wish to go horseback riding.

Active Golfing With a Disability

Golf is another fun activity that can be adapted for anyone who is dealing with disabilities. That is because it can be done from a sitting or standing position. There are also adaptive golf carts that will help with stabilizing the body while the club is being swung.

You can use different golf grips for your clubs, which help you swing with a higher level of comfort and ease. Just make sure to find the right grips to ensure you get the desired results. Video games will also let any disabled person enjoy realistic golf gameplays and adjust to mode that suits them with the help of home golf simulators.

Sitting Volleyball

This is just like regular volleyball, but seated volleyball is a dynamic and fun game that lets those with disabilities have a chance to exercise and practice an array of skills. The net for this game is shorter and the court is much smaller. Besides this, the remainder of the rules are the same, which means the sport is both high-paced and competitive.

Are You Ready to Get Moving?

Just because you have a disability, it doesn’t mean you can’t be active or physically fit. Keep the activities here in mind to ensure that you enjoy as much activity as possible and that you gain all the benefits that are offered by these games.

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