6 Tips To Feel More Fulfilled As A Parent And Do It Better

Parenting is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Parenting skills are a set of skills needed to raise a happy and healthy child in a loving environment. Parents are those who help their children make the most of their potential, become independent and successful. This is why parents face several challenges because parenting is learned along the way. The following tips will help you become a better parent and feel more fulfilled in this role.

tips will help you become a better parent

Work on yourself

Parenting is a skill like any other. There’s theory and then there’s practice. That’s why you can read books like one written by the famous Carol Dweck and learn how to foster a growth mindset in yourself and your child. Work on your own emotions and stress at work so you won’t unleash negative emotions on your child if it misbehaves. Carve out time for your wellbeing and for activities that feed your soul and make you more fulfilled on a personal level. If a parent is happy, they will shower their child with positive affection, time, and devotion. Work on yourself!

Model positive behavior and attitude

Children observe grownups around them and copy their behavior. They will equally model “bad” behavior as well as “good” behavior. This is why parents need to be aware of their actions, no matter how small because their kids might pick them up.

If you want your kids to eat healthily, show them by eating healthy. If you want your kids to tidy up their room regularly, keep your room in order.

The same goes for emotions and reactions. If you yell when you’re angry, your kids will copy you. Show your kids those habits, actions, and models of behavior you want them to develop.

Listen and ask questions

You’ve probably heard the saying “They grow up so fast” too many times by now. Instead of becoming the parent who regrets not being present, attentive, and involved, make quality time with your kids a priority.

Spend at least 30 minutes every day talking to your kid. Ask questions and just listen to their responses and look for their body language if they try to avoid a topic. Listen without waiting for your turn to respond. Let your kid express their emotions, talk about them and describe their experiences.  This way you’ll build trust, express how much you care, and build your relationship.

Successful parenting is teamwork

Parents often try to do everything independently to avoid a pang of so-called parental guilt. You don’t have to be a superhero parent who does everything on their own to raise a child. You can and should involve your partner and your extended family in the process.

Invest in the right daycare where your child will develop many skills and socialize with other children. A reliable daycare facility will improve your child’s cognitive skills, language, academic skills, behavior, and build social skills. For example, childcare centres in Australia are known to stimulate children’s natural curiosity through nature and exploration. With the right daycare, you’ll know that your child is in the right hands and that it’s growing intellectually every day.

Show love and affection

You can show love with words of affection, hugs, and kisses. Just by embracing your child, you will make them feel safe, secure, and loved. Another way of showing love and affection is by spending time together and showing interest in their favorite activities.

For example, if your child is fascinated by the Universe, planets, and stars, let them tell you about their latest discovery. If they are passionate about sports, play that sport together.

Either way, the ultimate declaration of love is your active presence in your child’s life. So, put down your phone and schedule weekly activities you can do together. And kiss your kid good night every night.

Praise something daily

Your child will express both good and bad behavior daily. If they misbehave or do something they shouldn’t do, it doesn’t mean that they are bad. You have to address their behavior effectively, so they won’t repeat it.

The best approach is to primarily focus on positive actions and praise them. According to a professor from Yale, if you criticize bad behavior, kids are more likely to repeat it than to stop misbehaving or going against the rules.

For example, if your child cleans their room without being told, let them know you are happy for their behavior. Make sure you find one positive action every day and praise them for doing that type of positive action. When it comes to negative behavior, do not criticize your child or their personality.

Talk about their actions and discuss why such behavior is not something you expect them to do. Discuss it in a calm voice and encourage them to change their negative behavior into positive.


A recipe for successful parenting does not exist. But, there are guides and tips to help you feel more fulfilled as a parent and believe in yourself that you are doing the right thing. You’ll learn something new about parenting almost daily and work on being a better parent by implementing these tips.

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