Are All-Weather Car Covers for ALL Weather?

Yes, all-weather car covers really do protect your vehicle in all kinds of weather conditions! Snow, wind, rain — nothing, not even a speck of dust,can pass through an all-weather cover. Here are the top-selling all-weather car covers that will safeguard your car in every season.

All Weather Car Covers

Supremeweave All-Weather Outdoor Custom Car Cover With Fleece Lining

This Supremeweave cover has everything you want in an all-weather cover. The Hydromax coating makes it waterproof, yet the cover is still breathable to prevent moisture from collecting underneath.

When it’s not raining, the Supremeweave cover is a powerful defense against the sun’s heat and UV rays. Although it’s durable and offers unbeatable defense against pollutantsand extreme weather, the cushy fleece lining sits on your car without scratching the paint. 

Supremeweave consists of woven 150D-yarn, ensuring that the cover keeps its shape, and it can go in the washing machine. Because the cover shrinks to one-third of the size of comparable products when it’s folded, it won’t take up much room in storage.Your satisfaction with Supremeweave is a high priority, so this cover is customized for your car and comes with a five-year warranty. 

Superweave Premium All-Weather Outdoor Custom Car Cover

The Superweave Premium might just be the best outdoor car cover on the market. It defends your car against all weather conditions but is especially ideal for environments that are near the ocean’s salty spray or that experience hot weather. Dust, water, pollutants and UV rays don’t stand a chance at reaching your vehicle’s surface, and the breathable material lets air circulate to keep your car cool and dry.

Water-resistance is one of the hallmark features; any remaining water on the cover evaporates in as little as 10 minutes. 

The 300-dernier fiber fabric is washer- and dryer-safe and 40% denser than the regular Superweave. Because the fibers are surrounded by encapsulation technology, the fabric is able to stand the most extreme weather.

It’s lightweight, though, so you’ll have no trouble draping it on you car and removing it. Plus, the material won’t scratch your car’s surface. None of your car’s curves or corners will be exposed because all Superweave Premium covers are made specifically for your vehicle. A six-year warranty is included.

Ultraweave All-Weather Outdoor Custom Car Cover

Need to store your car outdoors for an extended period of time? An Ultraweave cover is perfect for you. It’s constructed from double 150D-yarn that’s tightly woven to keep the cover from stretching out. It reflects the UV rays away from your car to stop sun damage, and the Hydromax coat brings optimal water-resistance. You can put it in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning.

Ultraweave covers come in blue, tan, black or gray, and any of those choices will complement custom seat covers inside your car. These premier all-weather covers are custom-made to fit your vehicle and backed by a five-year limited warranty. 

Prepare your vehicle for whatever weather Mother Nature brings with either the Supremeweave, Superweave Premium or Ultraweave custom covers. To order your all-weather car cover at the lowest price, give customer service a call today. 

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