Why you should know TDEE and How Do You Calculate It?

Gaining weight is a lot easier than losing weight. Why do most people simply talk about losing weight but do not come near accomplishment. Apart from having the needed will power, you should also have awareness about the right ideas and concept. Most obese people aiming to lose weight do not have any clue of TDEE. They simply have a target of the kilo count they wish to reduce and nothing apart from that. TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) is the count of calories which an individual has to burn at the end of each day. This is not a generic figure and results are based on calculations. These calculations are ideally performed using a TDEE calculator.

TDEE calculator - Why you should know TDEE and How Do You Calculate It

The user has to enter values and the results are produced accordingly. Based on your weight loss target and physical activity level, you get a clear count of calories which have to be burnt each day. When you have a proper target, you are able to work properly to achieve it.

Reasons to know about TDEE

Weight loss is not something that happens overnight. You cannot expect to sleep and wake up with 10 kilos less. These miracles do not happen. The first thing you need to focus on is having a well-defined target. If you know what to achieve, you work accordingly to meet the goal. If you know about your TDEE figure, you would know the exact count of energy which has to be burnt in every 24 hours. This would be according to the individual target you have in mind. For instance, someone who has to lose weight would have a different target than the person who wishes to maintain it.

Here are some important reasons to know about TDEE

1.Correct energy deficit

At times, people are unable to reach their desired weight loss targets. What is the most common reason behind this? They do not have any idea about the energy that has to be burnt daily. When you don’t have a clear idea of daily energy expenditure, you would not know about the number of calories being burnt less. With TDEE, you get to know about the calorie count that has to be burnt in total to reach the desired weight loss target.

2. Accurate figures and not estimations

If you have a serious approach towards weight loss, you need to have exact figures with you. Someone who has to lose 10 kilos should know about the exact calorie count which needs to be burnt daily. By having this information, he would be able to select his diet options accordingly. Using an online TDEE calculator is a good alternative to get the correct energy expenditure figure.

3. Track your daily progress

Using an online TDEE calculator means helps you in tracking your daily progress. When you know how much energy has to be burnt on daily basis, you can keep a check on whether you are performing according to the desired target or not. This is much easier than maintaining manual checks.

Calculating TDEE in an easy and effective manner

There is no reason to adopt a lengthy method and perform calculations when a shorter option is available. The hard way to determine TDEE is writing down daily targets manually and performing calculations. With this method, users struggle to get accurate results. Other than that, it consumes a lot of time. Why do you need to spend so much time when an online TDEE calculator can complete the task in a shorter while?

Here are some key steps of calculating TDEE using an online calculator.

  • Entering the Input parameters

The overall process to calculate TDEE is short and few input parameters have to be entered by the user. You need to provide core basic details including gender, height, weight and sedentary level. The sedentary level describes the extent of physical activeness. It is an important piece of detail and affects the generated results.

  • Hassle free calculations

With this calculator, you do not have to maintain any records on paper. The tool performs all the calculations and the results are produced in quick time. On the other hand, if you use manual ways to perform TDEE calculations, a lot more time would be needed.

  • TDEE calculators are online tools

It is a hassle for users when they have to make major downloads before using tools. It is a hard option for users. In most cases, TDEE calculators are online so they can be used by opening the link in the browser. No downloads are needed in this relation. Some TDEE calculators can also be added as widgets. 


A very serious approach is needed to lose weight and stay in shape. At times, people lack the urge and planning. With a proper TDEE figure, you can gauge the energy that has to be burnt at the end of each day. This helps in avoiding meals that can hamper the performance. People who are serious and dedicated about losing weight use quality TDEE calculators.

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