Technology that is Improving the Lives of the Elderly

Improving lives through technology

Technology improving lives - How technology improves our lives

As we get older, it’s not uncommon for everyday activities to become more tiresome and difficult to complete. Whether that’s driving, or walking through the park, or even watching television. Ailments, illnesses and the natural ageing process have a wicked way of letting the senses, that we have grown used to, begin to deteriorate. It becomes difficult to see, hear, feel and even smell, which makes the notion of independence seem like a distant memory.

Technology improving lives! Letting go of independence can be really difficult, but as technology is progressing, devices have been introduced to allow the elderly to regain some level of independence and take control of their lives. We discuss here how technology improves our lives.

 The TabSafe:

As we get older, our memory can often become muddled and disjointed, and everyday tasks like taking the correct dose of medication, or remembering to take your medication at all, can become a struggle.

The TabSafe is a device that acts in lieu of a medication nurse. It fully integrates with the user’s medication requirements and does everything from setting medication reminders, to informing the doctor when it is time to refill medication. This is great as it allows to user to regain a level of independence and take control of their medication consumption.

It’s important to take medication at the same time every day, in order for there to be a consistent level of the medicine within your bloodstream, which is why medication management and consumption is so important. If a user does not take the correct daily dosage, then any condition they may be suffering from could worsen/ remain.

The Grandcare Tablet:

Think of this as an iPad for the elderly…with much more to offer. This device has a computer friendly tablet to use, which fully integrates into the user’s home. It can monitor sleep patterns and movements, and will then send alerts to family members if any unusual/ lack of movement has been detected.

The GrandCare system, quite similar to the TabSafe device can also send out medication alters, and other personalised reminders. One of the most popular features about this device is the Care Portal, which allows the user to communicate with friends and family members, and share videos and images.

Television Ears:

These are more of a novelty invention, but nonetheless, they serve an excellent purpose. Television ears do everything that they say on the tin – if a person is struggling to hear the TV, then they help with this.

The device fits under the user’s chin and into their ears and allows personal volume control. This is great for when a family are sat watching television with their parents/ grandparents who are hard of hearing, instead of having the volume up to 100 or subtitles on, television ears mean that they will no longer be excluded from the experience!

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