Terrific Top 5 trends in glasses for men of our era

Wondering how the top 5 trends in glasses for men can help you stand apart? Whether it’s to impress girls, enchant your colleagues, or be the leader, trendy eyewear can be the best bet to transform your look in no time. And trends this time have something for everyone. No matter if you love a simply subtle pair or an eye-grabbing one, the trend charts have blessed each of us this time. So, take your seat and relax, as we drive the train of trends for you.

Top 5 trends in glasses for men.

Transparent glasses 

Are you into minimalism? Do you just love simplistic vibes? When you don’t want to attract attention with colors but with subtlety, transparent glasses are what you need. They are one of the topping trends as men can’t help but love transparent glasses. Why not when these glasses send the desired fashionable freedom your way? After all, you don’t have to worry about outfits, complexions, hair color, etc. when you have a pair of clear transparent glasses sitting on your face. That’s because they go well with almost anything. 

If you are concerned about not drawing away attention from your face without being bold with colors, then choose light-colored clothes that make sure your facial features, eyes and the frame get the attention they deserve. Here’s an amazing pair from our exclusive Tom Archer collection for you. It’s a rectangular classic that will definitely impress you.

Nerd glasses 

If you love being simplistic but don’t want to lose the colors, nerd glasses are what you are looking for. These are in the trend charts because of the way they make you look smarter, wiser, and more mature. These glasses for men are a great expression of the entrepreneurial spirit we are living with these days. No wonder, respected entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos look class apart with them. And it’s a must-have to shut all those naysayers who perceive you as boring only because of the nerd character you portray.

Here is a modish pair of nerd glasses with the enthralling style mix of wayfarer and round. With its silver color, it makes sure of bringing some majesty to the table that’s necessary to keep up the spirits that help you reach your nerdy goals.

Geometric glasses

Moving from the subtle and simple to pairs that can’t help but make you stand out. We are talking geometric glasses, boys! If you wish to flaunt your quirky unique personality and not be hidden somewhere in the crowd, geometric glasses are a must-have for you. On the road to turning into a fashion accessory from a vision-corrective instrument, eyeglasses have seen many innovations and the resulting exceptional designs. 

Geometric shaped glasses are one of those recent phenomenal innovations. Sporting one of the latest breakthroughs of the eyewear industry, you are bound to stick out a mile. That’s what makes geometric glasses a must-try.

Have a look at this Trafford in the jade green and brown colour that promises nothing but grabbed attention. Its gold temples turn heads towards you to ask the secret of your charm, only to realise it’s right in front of their eyes.

Gold aviator glasses 

You know this was coming, didn’t you? Aviator glasses have been on top of the trend charts for decades now if not centuries. And believe us when we say, they have no intention of leaving any time soon. Although they were originally made for pilots, men couldn’t help but steal the style for day to day occasions. From a casual day out in the sun to a formal board meeting, aviators have a reputation nothing else can beat.

Although, this time their top position in the trends can’t be blamed to the style alone. As their partner in crime is the glorifying colour gold that can make almost anyone stick out a mile. To express their spirits of sophistication, gold aviator glasses behave friendly with all kinds of faces, especially the ones of the square, oval or heart shape. Try this pair here to see how it’ll look on you and grab the deal to be the enchanting one in the room.

Eco-friendly glasses

What’s common in most men is their love for being bold and daring. If you are someone with the same qualities, then eco-friendly wood glasses are the thing for you. Wondering how? Well, you ought to dare in order to don a rare yet charming pair of spectacles. Right? Because of being made of wood (which is falsely perceived as delicate), not everyone is as much a fan of these glasses. Only those who dare to use them get to see the magic themselves. And seems like this number is growing every day, that’s the reason why you see it in this list of the top 5 trends in glasses.

To express your bold and nature-loving attitude, we bring to you the cool and captivating pair of purple glasses from the assortment we have. These are in the round shape, making them look fantastic on a face with shape square, oval or heart. Since they belong to our exclusive Tom Archer collection, you can be sure of the durability and high-quality that you’ll get. Why not check it out for yourself.

Now you know why some men look so flattering and impressive and some don’t. The secret is in the glasses they wear. When you pick up the trends faster than the others, you are bound to stand class apart. 

We are sure some of these pairs of glasses (if not all) have made a place in your heart. Get them with fully loaded lenses, i.e., lenses with anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant coatings free of charge at Specscart. We suggest you also get a blue light protection coating for your time in front of screens. After all, just like your style, your eye health has to be high-class too.

You can also choose up to 4 frames for a free home trial lasting 7 days. During this week, you can try and take opinions from your friends, family, and partner to find the best one(s) that suit your style. 

Get going, take charge of your eyewear fashion game and win it in style. Grab a trendy pair for yourself today!

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