The activities of a hotel laundry service

Running a hotel these days is never easy (and it’s questionable if it ever actually was). You need to handle the stiff competition, provide high-quality, excellent service, all the while handling ever-increasing costs and expenses. And one of the key ways you need to provide good service is by getting a good laundry service to back you up.

Hotel laundry service

Namely, your guests expect clean linens, fresh sheets, and perfect, crisp towels. The way your laundry is done, how your staff is dressed, the look and feel of the linen in your rooms, these things are an excellent indicator of what a hotel is like. So getting a good laundry service is vital for your success.

But, if you are wondering what exactly does a laundry service provide you with, you can read on below to find out.

They pick up your laundry

Any laundry service worth its salt will not expect you to deliver your laundry to them. Rather, they will pick up things themselves, or through a third party delivery service. You should communicate with the company, talk to them, and see at what times can you expect pickups and deliveries to occur.

Keep in mind that most high-quality laundromats will bring you clean laundry within 24 hours of pickup.

Trains staff

Your hotel is only as valuable as your staff. Your people are the lifeblood of any company, and training them properly is vital if you want to provide the best possible service you can. A good laundry service will have at least one representative come over and give your staff some tips on how to handle the laundry in the best possible way.

They will teach your people how to prepare the laundry for pickup, how to weight it correctly, and in general how to make everybody’s lives easier and more efficient. They might also give you advice on what kind of gear you should get, like laundry trolley and the like, which can make things easier. Of course it’s up to you to buy them and to find a good supplier, like Sitecraft Materials for example, and actually do the shopping. Still, expert advice is always appreciated.

Monitoring and tracking

When the linens arrive, they are weighed, tracked, recorded, and sent towards the cleaning process. Most likely a central computer system will track and monitor the linens. High tech systems, along with trained staff, minimize the chance of any error occurring, whether that’s using the wrong, abrasive, type of detergent on soft materials, right down to mixing up linens between different companies.

Cleaning, washing, drying, ironing, folding

Yes, a good laundry service is supposed to handle the entire process of cleaning. First, they clean and wash all the linens and the clothing. Then they do all the drying work, they iron everything, and fold it properly before they ship it all right back to you.

Most serious laundromats have heavy duty ironers which can iron many items at once. Also, no worries – if you have sensitive items, just let the people know, and they will handle it. Good laundry services have special features and options with which they can handle whatever you throw at them.

Also, specialized laundry services use machines that use less water, softer chemicals, and less energy and manpower. In fact, high-tech washing machines use less than a third of the water regular machines use. Efficiency is the name of the game here.


And there you have it folks, everything you need to know about what a hotel laundry service actually does. From staff training, to actual cleaning, pick up and check in, delivery and check out, a laundry service will make your hotel more efficient, and will help you cut down on costs. They sort the laundry properly, they wash, dry, iron, and fold it. Basically, everything you need to keep this aspect of your hotel running, a professional laundry service will do.

And, as an added benefit, a good laundry service is very environmentally friendly. All the things they do, form the moment of pickup, right down to the washing and cleaning, uses less water, energy, and manpower when compared to regular cleaning. So, you are saving some money, getting much cleaner linen, and saving the environment all at once.

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