The combination of custom made watch strap Singapore and watches contributes to the overall appeal of watches

Watches must have a proper accompaniment of straps to unveil its total beauty and appeal. When people buy expensive watches, they should never mind having a custom made watch strap Singapore to enhance the appeal of the small device.  To make the watch shine, the watch strap must be just right for it and as every person is unique so also are watch straps. A handmade leather strap of appropriate color should complement the watch and ultimately make the ensemble of the watch and the strap look like as if made for each other.

 custom made watch strap Singapore

Those keen on experimenting with a whole new style would do good to pay attention to the watch strap, which is easy to change for creating different styles. It is easy to increase the style options by combining various design and style of watch straps, which opens up new opportunities of grabbing more attention. Often the band or strap is more visible than the face of the watch and if you have an extensive collection of watch straps and bands you can even make a small inventory of watches look diverse and wide. And it is easy to spend on watch straps that cost just a little to enhance the collection of watch straps than spending on buying new watches. 

Watch strap materials

Watch straps are made from some soft material that is comfortable to wear on the wrist for long hours and most importantly must be made from skin-friendly material that is hypoallergenic like plastic rubber, leather, and various mother materials. Some straps can be single piece construction while some others might be in two pieces that remain attached to the spring bars of the watch. Normally, rubber, nylon, and leather are the most commonly used materials for watch straps. Generally, there are bands, straps, and bracelets that can hold watches to the wrist.

Types of watch straps

Bands – The kind of strap that you see in G-shock and diver’s watches that are typically made from rubber or silicone and have a rough and tough appeal that matches with the macho style of watches are the bands that have now become popular for other types of watches too. Bands are very versatile, and its choice does not depend on the watch brand as they can go well with all brands.

Straps-Nylon and leather are the most preferred materials for making watch straps. Leather straps are ideal for timepieces that you would wear daily with a variety of clothing from polo shirts and jeans to a business suit. Leather has so much versatility that it can be the most befitting material for watch straps by outscoring nylon.

Bracelets – Metallic straps or bracelets made from steel or some other precious metal like gold, silver, platinum, and rhodium are suitable for all kinds of watches depending on the design and style. You can embellish it with gemstones to make it look gorgeous.

Bracelets that use links in the design are flexible for sizing to fit any wrist size.

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