The Fine Art of Choosing an Outdoor Rug

With a long streak of warm days ahead of us, spending extra time on the deck, veranda or patio is a great way to extend your staycation. Enjoying the great outdoors without sacrificing the amenities and comfort of indoor living is now possible more than ever, especially with the popularity of outdoor living rooms, and dual-use spaces. One item that can make your outdoor space whole is an outdoor rug. Made with specifications that handle the weather, these rugs add color, character, and structure to even the smallest of outdoor rooms.

The Fine Art of Choosing an Outdoor Rug

Choice of materials

Unlike rugs used indoors, outdoor rugs are made from materials impervious to the elements. This also makes them ideal for high-traffic areas, where indoor rugs often fail the durability test. Outdoor rugs are most often made from synthetic materials and plant fibers. Hemp, jute, sisal, and seagrass are popular materials because they are both sustainable and durable. These materials are stylish, affordable, and require little maintenance. Unlike other natural fibers, jute rugs are best used in covered porches, as they can develop mold and mildew in moist environments.

Man-made materials

Artificial materials like polypropylene and polyester belong to the other school of materials for outdoor rugs. While being extremely durable and stain-resistant, most polypropylene rugs have a 100% resistance to UV rays, and they can be dyed with a whole gamut of vibrant colorsandpatterns. Although they might not possess the earthy charm of naturally-sourced fibers, polypropylene rugs offer great comfort with an affordable price tag. 

Outdoor rug lifespan

Despite their low maintenance requirements, thelife service of outdoor rugs depends on whether you take care after them. Just as with indoor rugs, using rug pads is suggested for the outdoor rugs, as well. Rug pads help extend the life for your rug by acting asa buffer between the rug and the surface. Apart fromprotecting the surface, too, these pads make the rugs safer to use by preventing slippage. Vacuuming also prolongs the life of your outdoor rug, as it prevents debris from accumulating. Like with indoor rugs, make sure to remove the vacuum’s beater before vacuuming.

Can they go indoors

Outdoor rugs can be used inside, but indoor rugs shouldn’t be used outside. Outdoor rugs are made to withstand a lot of use and abuse, so they are a great choice for homes with kids and pets. A modern outdoor rug is water-resistant, which makes it a perfect floor cover in moist areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements – just wash it with water and allow to dry in the sun. with their fabulous flatweave and tribal designs, an outdoor rug can complement any room in your home. They are also surprisingly soft, so your little ones’ will soon find the next favorite spot for playing or watching TV. 

Dealing with spills

If you manage to spill something on your outdoor rug, make sure to clean it up quickly, as letting it sit for too long can make lasting damage. Most outdoor rugs are water-proof, so they can be thrown into a washing machine or hosed in the backyard. Make sure to check the cleaning tag, though, every time you plan on getting your rig wet. Although these rugs can handle everything Mother Nature throws at them, when the temperatures plummet below freezing, you should store your rug inside. When storing the rug, take care to roll it with the bottom facing out.

Dos and don’ts

When you finally decide to go hunting for the perfect rug for your deck or balcony, make sure to get the most of it by adhering to these dos and don’ts. First of all, choose an outdoor rug that complements your outdoor furniture and patio décor. Consider the size and shape of the rug you want. Use a rug pad under it, and make sure the front legs of all your furniture are placed on it. On the other hand, under no circumstances bring the indoor rug outside. Don’t buy a rug without measuring the area you have in mind first, and don’t be afraid to choose a rug that offers vibrant colors. 

When talking about outdoor rugs. Most people picture a welcome mat’s big brother. While welcome mats have their function, outdoor rugs are purely for comfort, style, and warmth. They come in a variety of chic styles and patterns and can last for many years with minimum maintenance.

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