The Top Amenities Renters Look for in a Rental Property

The Top Amenities Renters Look for in a Rental Property

You must make your rental property as appealing as possible if you want to attract quality tenants. This appeal goes beyond the marketing phase of taking quality photos and writing up a detailed listing. The property itself must be a place that applicants can envision themselves living in. Here are the top five amenities renters look for in a rental property to help you attract quality, long-term tenants.

Air Conditioning

Regardless of your rental property’s location, renters are always going to opt for a rental with central air. This access to air conditioning is especially crucial if your property is in an area that can get extremely hot or extremely cold. Your tenants are going to find another place to stay as soon as they can if they must constantly run heaters or fans to stay comfortable throughout the year. Installing central air will also save you money on your property’s electric bill in the long run.

Washer and Dryer

Most tenants are willing to pay a little extra for an in-unit washer and dryer so they don’t have to spend time and energy hauling their laundry to a laundromat. You do have the option of buying the appliances yourself and putting that fee into the rent if your property already has hookups. However, do yourself a favor and buy high-efficiency models to help cut down on your water and electric bills if you do buy the washer and dryer. Consider speaking with a licensed contractor to see how much it would cost to install washer and dryer hookups if your property doesn’t have them.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Offering your tenants stainless steel appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens, is less about their overall aesthetic and more about their functionality. Not only are these appliances much easier to clean, but they’re incredibly durable and long-lasting. With stainless steel appliances, you’ll save more money over the long haul and won’t have to worry as much about cleaning dirty, smudged, or stained kitchen appliances. You have to think about your future tenants if you want to improve tenant satisfaction—no tenants want to deal with appliances that look dingy and used.

Wi-Fi and Internet

Wi-Fi and high-speed internet are the top amenities renters look for in a rental property, regardless of their age or socioeconomic background. Many work from home and go to school online, they simply can’t afford to live in a place without Wi-Fi and internet connections. Plus, most people have smartphones and need those phones to stay connected to the world and their loved ones. These amenities are absolute must-haves for many renters.

Hardwood Floors

While the type of flooring in your property plays a huge role in its overall aesthetic appeal, it’s not all about looks. Carpeting and tile can be a pain to clean and will start to look dirty very quickly. Hardwood flooring is much easier to clean and is easier on tenants with allergies. However, hardwood flooring is costly, so place it in key areas of the home, like the entryway or kitchen, and make the rest of the flooring laminate.

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