The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9: Fate of Alexandria

The characters in the show are tired and under threat.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9: Fate of Alexandria

It is almost certain that The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9 will be rather gross for the fans. In the previous episode aired last week, Michonne, Rick, Carl, Father Gabriel, Judith, Jessie, Sam and Ron were completely covered in guts and trying to cross through a mob of walkers. They had almost made it when suddenly Sam began crying for his mother.

Meanwhile, Megan and Carol are fighting about the wolf that is hiding within the basement. The wolf was smart enough to see an opportunity in their fighting. It frees itself and overpowers Dr. Cloyd and takes him hostage.

Then, there are Sasha, Abraham and Daryl who are trying to get rid of Negan’s survivors with whom they had met utterly by chance. It seems getting everyone out alive is impossible.

Fans will be able to can watch The Walking Dead season 6 episode 9 on the internet on the official site of AMC. The users will be required to login with the help of the email address provided by the cable operator. This will allow them access to the AMC The Walking dead live stream.

Even if most of the people in the Rick’s crew survive the invasion of the walkers, it is almost certain threat they will have to face another challenge.

The actor who plays the character of Rick in the TV series, Andrew Lincoln, recently said during an interview with a magazine that the villain Negan had been introduced to the show. Negan is a brutal character – someone even Rick had failed to anticipate meeting in Alexandria.

Lincoln further told the magazine that David did a great job of playing the governor who simply looked magnificent. But Negan is a horrible character. But he is also very funny, charismatic and extremely brutal – even beyond words. He is a sociopath.

The most interesting thing about the show right now is the relationship between Carl and Rick, and Negan and Carl. The psychology between these characters is very complicated. The show is treading into waters that are very deep, dark, dangerous, yet extremely thrilling as well.

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