Threats faced by Indian Call Centres!

The need for call centre has dramatically increased over time with an increase in competition and growing technical requirements. Companies nowadays know that opponents have numerous ways to outshine their services and therefore living up to the customers’ expectation is vital.

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The market trend keeps on changing every day and the customers’ demand may vary too. This is the reason businesses need to keep their staff up-to-date to offer splendid services to the customers so that the client do not lose interest in the business offerings. Amid the high rising market needs, there is a lot that a business has to look after. This is when companies search for an outsourcing partner who can help in managing business operations.

Call centres in India are known for offering splendid customer support. Indian BPOs have a history in providing excellent call centre services, which is why Indian BPOs are the priority when it comes to outsourcing. However, certain challenges are an obstacle in the path of splendid customer support by the Indian call centres.

Frankly speaking, things are not as rosy as they seem to be and combatting the challenges is essential to deliver excellent results. Indian call centres have an image of delivering on time and splendid services, which is why managing the disputes positively is imperative.

If you are an Indian BPO, look after these challenges to make sure that the same is not the cause of your pitfalls. Check out:

Increasing attrition

When a company faces increasing attrition, it means the business somewhere failed to hold the employees back.

Increasing attrition means the business has to hire and train new employees again. Hiring and training can bring added expenses to the business and the process is time taking too, which is why companies should plan their processes accordingly to avoid attrition.

Employee attrition has detrimental effects on the business, as the productivity suffers and the customers may not find the new agent suitable in answering their queries as the first agent.

Thus, BPOs need to make strategies to retain employees for ensuring excellent outputs. Since call centres in India have a monotonous working environment, which is the main cause of employees’ fleeing early.

So, to avoid attrition, make a happy working environment for employees so that the staff feels happy to staying back.

Negative effects on employee health

Since the call centre job is monotonous, it tends to bring negative effects to the employee health, which is why most workers flee early.

It is the business’ responsibility to bring a solution to employee issues and when the staff feels their priorities are not important for the business, they leave the job for other opportunities.

Call centres in India face challenges of declining staff health, which results in the deteriorating workforce. To keep the challenge under control, BPOs need to pay focus to their employee well-being, so that agents have a reason to stay back. (Providing free health plans can help.)

High property price

When a company thinks of establishing its BPO centre, it requires a property to establish the infrastructure. High property rates are an obstacle as being limited in budget and finding an area as per the business-friendly location is hard.

Not only is this, but it is hard to combat high competition without having access to new technology, without hiring experts and within a low budget.

Accent-related communication hindrance

Indian call centres face the challenge of the communication gap with their international counterparts. Since Indian BPOs have agents, those are fluent in the English language but they do not have the same accent as international clients.

The customers, therefore, do not rely on agents who are not of their native country and cannot speak in the same accent.

Declining FCR

First Call Resolution plays an important role in building the call centres image. Declining FCR rates can bring a negative impact on the business image and thus this has to be checked on time.

Indian BPOs need to crosscheck their first call resolution rate to make sure agents take it very seriously. Maintaining FCR rates, BPOs can improve their delivery and can influence other prospects to outsource to them.

Since the customers feel that their grievances need to be heard instantly with a solution, it is thus important to boost FCR rates to augment customer satisfaction.

Tough international competition

Rising competition has always been a challenge and international opponents have always raised the competition bar high for BPOs. With the advancement in technology and changing market needs, international BPOs are giving tough competition to call centres in India.

This race to become the supreme provider demands Indian BPOs to match the changing requirements with integrating new technologies to woo the customers.

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