Tips for the Perfect Prom Night

While your date is busy tackling the florist and customizing the perfect corsage, you, on the other hand, are sweating bullets and fearing the biggest night of the year. It is finally Prom night – and right now, it’s your turn to shine! Even if your high school had been a bust, we would make sure that you enjoy the fullest on your special night! After all, it’s off to college with you, and we don’t want your prom memories to drown so easily. 

So, to help you on your special Prom night, we have mentioned 20 (plus an extra one for good luck) tips that we believe will surely help you channel your outer Rihanna so that you can shine bright like a diamond when the time comes. 

A – Choose a Dress as per your Body Physique

Prom Dresses


  1. If you’re going shopping for a new dress, try not to splurge on an evening gown that doesn’t fit too well or makes you feel uncomfortable. Remember – the goal is to appear confident in your skin, even if that means trying a prom dress that’s slightly higher than your budget but compliments your physique perfectly.
  1. Choose a dress as per your body measurements. If you’re an hourglass figure, try to go for a prom dress that does justice to your assets and lets you flaunt them with pride. Similarly, if you have a petite figure, cash in on your advantage and cast magic on the prom floor with a sexy black mini-dress! 
  1. Choose your accessories as per the part and amount of skin you’re showing. For instance, if you’re going for a strapless prom dress, then go for a sleek pendant that ends right above your neckline. Wear a cuff bracelet on your upper arm and a pair of earrings that dangle on your shoulder. 
  1. Get a new bra for optimum support. You don’t want your bosom to lag, especially when you’re dancing or show off your black straps. Go for a strapless (bandeaus are good too) or backless bra if you’re showing off your shoulders or lower back as they’ll provide you with maximum support. Try skipping your adhesive bras as you’re going to sweat and they’ll make you scratch all the time. 
  1. Always remember to keep a couple of prom dresses as a back-up in your wardrobe. You might decide to try out new jewelry and accessories, and your look must be well coordinated to a tee!

B) Don’t Try New Make-up on Your Skin


  1. If you have been saving up for a brand new foundation for the prom night, consider checking it thoroughly and applying a couple of days before the event. If you have sensitive skin, trying out a new foundation is perhaps not a very good idea. Your skin might suffer from breakouts or become allergic before the event, and we don’t want that. 
  1. Also, check your tan and choose a waterproof foundation that’s close to your skin color. If you go for a tone that doesn’t match your skin, then it will not only appear grey but also cakey and uneven. 

  1. Go for waterproof mascara because hey, it’s prom, and you might be tempted to cry when bidding farewell to your friends. Even if you don’t cry, your skin will become sweaty from dancing all night long.
  1. Choose your make-up as per your attire. If you’re wearing a strapless evening gown (our favorite!) on your prom, then remember to apply powder (or cream powder) on your neck and shoulders. 

  1. Also, when applying make-up on your skin, don’t forget the ears! They’re a part of your face, and heaven forbid if they turned red while you’re dancing from exhaustion. 
  1. Don’t test new make-up looks on your prom night. If you don’t know how to do a smokey eye, get a friend or your elder sister to do it for you. We don’t want you to try on a new look and cry for hours in the bathtub when it didn’t appear as you wished or wanted it to be. When in doubt, go for a nude make-up look and apply shimmer on your eyes!

  1. Before applying your base, remember to moisturize your skin with a primer. You’re going to be out for hours, and we don’t want your make-up to soil itself.
  1. Don’t forget to apply a hairspray from preventing your hair for a public meltdown. Once you begin dancing, your hair’s probably going out of control! Maintain your look by sprucing it with a few bobby pins as well.
  1. When applying the eye-shadow on your eyes, make sure you go for a cream textured eye shadow, or those liquid eye shadows Stila and Lady Gaga are piling up at Sephora. 
  1. Always remember to fill in your eyebrows and apply concealer to help remove the excessive brow pomade for an uber-professional look. 
  1. When applying lipstick, always remember to cover your lips with foundation and then, a layer of moisturizing lip balm. The lip balm will prevent your lipstick from cracking and chapping, and will keep it smooth all night long!

C) The Essential Prom Checklist


  1. Instead of taking a skimpy clutch, consider one that has slightly more space or a crossbody with shimmery sparkles instead. Chances are, you would forget your cellphone when you begin dancing or are prone to leaving it on the buffet table when getting a punch for yourself. Just another pro-tip – have your date get you savories at all times to avoid the confusion!
  1. Always remember to keep your compact, oil blotting papers, blush, lipstick, bobby pins, safety pins, and band-aids in your clutch for emergency fixes. Oil blotting papers can do wonders for oily skin by absorbing the excessive oil on your face. If you apply too much compact powder whenever your skin becomes oily, your pictures will come out terrible from your face being too cakey. 
  1. Consider taking a tote to your prom and keep it in the powder room as well. Keep a pair of flats (trust me on this ladies; you wouldn’t be able to wear your heels all night) and your hairspray in your tote. Ask your girlfriends if they wish to stash their personal belongings that are too big to fit in their clutches in your tote.

D) Pre-Prom Emergency Fixes


  1. To get rid of two-toned skin, try squeezing some lemon juice into a bowl and add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda for making a thick paste. Take an old toothbrush, and rub the paste on your uneven tan lines. Use this as a scrub for two weeks and watch as the lemon juice bleaches your skin and the baking soda helps to exfoliate and nurture it for your prom.
  1. Remember to apply a lip balm to prevent chapped lips on the day of the prom. Scrub your lips with a toothbrush to boost the blood flow and for removing the dry flakes. 

Always remember – eat heartily at the prom and don’t be shy in front of your date! Hey, if they like you, they’d love the way you dive into your food. Also, don’t forget to take a gazillion pictures and post them on your Instagram with a thoughtful hashtag!

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