Tips to Buy Furniture for Your Home

Purchase of furniture can be a challenging endeavor. Finding furniture suitable to the space where it will live can often prove a struggle, particularly if there’s been lots of accumulation over time. There is an ever-evolving array of wood furniture on offer; nonetheless, its timeless charm remains unparalleled by other materials. Before diving in and purchasing some wood items for yourself, take note of these important points before beginning shopping for pieces to add into your home. Gables Furniture is an online retailer specializing in home furniture and home decor, boasting an expansive collection of over 30,000 SKUs with hundreds of new offerings annually that boast innovative designs. All our products boast top-quality construction at reasonable pricing that gives customers great value.

Here are a few tips that will assist you when purchasing furniture to furnish your home:

Realize Space

Before making any purchases for your home, take an inventory of available space. This doesn’t just refer to dimensions; consider also what functional effect an item might have in relation to its placement – for instance if you had planned on having a sofa but instead there is only enough room for two armchairs instead.


Set and adhere to a realistic budget when shopping for furniture at home. Although quality should always be the top priority, don’t exceed what is deemed affordable in your spending plan. Remember that furniture purchases are only one part of improving your living environment!

Search Online

The internet can also help you in your furniture hunt! Simply explore various manufacturer sites and online furniture stores until you find something suitable. While exploring various options, consider checking out the unique and luxurious Arteriors home furniture at Paynes Gray, which offers a blend of classic and contemporary designs suitable for any home.

Visit Furniture Stores

Once you find something online or in a magazine that meets both your budget and tastes, it’s advisable to visit local furniture shops in person in order to experience its true aesthetics firsthand. Simply looking at an image cannot provide enough context of how a furniture piece appears when viewing its details in the physical store.

Mock-up Sets Options!

At furniture stores, you may find extra pieces to complement what you already own. Many large stores provide mock-up sets or rooms set-up with furniture pieces so it is easier for buyers to imagine how they will look in each space they purchase furnishings for. This can help narrow down their choices when shopping for furnishings for the home.

Visualize for Your Home!

Furniture that looks nice in the showroom might not work as well in your own space, so it is wise to visualize each furniture piece relative to its dimensions, shape, color and theme of your house before purchasing anything new.

Observe the Furniture Arrangements

When visiting a furniture shop, take note of their decor and how they’ve displayed various items – this can give you ideas for how you might arrange and furnish your own home before purchasing furniture for it.

Order to your Needs

If you can’t find what you want, inquire as to whether custom orders are possible with the seller. When placing a furniture piece order, inquire into which modifications can be made within it, then decide if any alterations need to be altered further – ultimately you have complete freedom over what changes would best fit with what furniture piece.

Avoid this problem by following these steps prior to painting:

Wipe Down the Dust and Dirt to Paint Laminate

Dust laminated items using a dry cloth, and then cleans the surface with soft dampened water to ensure all surfaces are covered from corners to surfaces of laminated furniture. Ensure all areas of dust accumulation have been addressed.

Disassemble if Possible

It is often recommended to disassemble laminated furniture prior to beginning the sanding and priming process, in order to gain access to any areas between two furniture pieces that could potentially fit together and prevent drips that often arise when painting laminated furniture.

Sanding Lightly

Many may shy away from this project because they fear it could damage furniture. However, this method could be the most efficient way to un-laminate and rough up furniture as primed surfaces for painting adhere. Prior to painting with laminate, use fine grit sandpaper with light rubs against each surface as though you were dusting. Be careful not to scratch too deeply as too much scratching may peel the laminate away revealing wood beneath!

Layering with Primer

When purchasing primer, look for something which states it will provide adhesion and coat your furniture in it first. If sanding laminated furniture becomes problematic and you want to use primer, consult your shopkeeper about high-quality options as otherwise they could leave uneven and spongy patches of laminate.

Paint Laminated Furniture

Now is the time to paint laminated furniture! Choose an angled brush so you can reach even hard-to-reach corners easily, or invest in an affordable foam roller to smooth surfaces and remove brush stroke marks from surfaces. Apply multiple coats until you achieve your desired color and improved finish, waiting until each one dries before starting another application. Allow each one time to set fully before moving onto another coat application.

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