Tips to save on hydraulic cylinder failure and repair costs

Hydraulic cylinders are used in many applications such as cranes, packing machines, construction vehicles, and other countless equipment. It is the most effective and efficient in pushing, pulling, lowering, and lifting both light and heavy objects. Hence, it is vital to get the hydraulic cylinder repaired and maintained regularly.

hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are easy to handle, they are durable, and offer great performance. When selecting the hydraulic cylinder, ensure to select the right cylinder that can provide maximum performance. In any application, while using the hydraulic cylinder it is important to consider certain factors such as calculating the amount of pressure, force, that is required to perform the task, the cylinder should be able to resist or withstand extreme temperature, and so on.

Here are a few ways to reduce and prevent hydraulic cylinder failure.

1 – Rod quality

A bent rod can lead to cylinder failure, hence it is important to take a proper diameter or length of the rod to get good results. If the diameter is wrong or the overall material is made of poor quality, will affect the performance of the machine.

The proper finishing of the rod also plays an important role in determining the life of the rod seal. To extend the seal life, there should be an adequate amount of lubricant to perform the task. If the roughness is high, it can lead to leakage and contamination.

It is essential to note that the rod should neither be too high or low or too rough that could affect the overall performance of the equipment.

2 –Quality of the Cylinder tube

If the wall and the material used are not strong enough then it will not be able to handle the cylinder’s pressure. If the cylinder tube is not of good quality with the high velocity can cause heating hampering the task. Having the correct tube makes it tolerable between the seal and the tube wall.

3 –Leakage

This is one of the most common reasons for a hydraulic cylinder to fail. It can be caused due to various reasons such as no proper seal or incorrect fitting, improper metalwork, and so on. Ensure to the seal is a proper fit and wipe the excess fluid, this will prevent other issues such as clogging or blockage.

4 – Contaminated fluids

Since, these machines are exposed to dirt, mud, powder, it can contaminate the seal and affect the function. Contaminated fluid can cause severe damage and reduce the quality of the work. This at the same time prevents the hydraulic cylinder from getting damaged. Contaminated fluids such as using a different oil, or mixing lubricants, delaying in changing the oil can create issues in the long run. Hence, hydraulic cylinder repair is a better choice than waiting for the whole machine to shut down.

5 – Exposure to Extreme temperature

Ensure that the hydraulic cylinder is made of good material so that it can withstand extreme temperature. When the temperature is low, it can cause the fluid to be less lubricated affecting the function. Whereas, extreme heat can lead to expanding in the tube, and obstruct the fluidity of the machine.

6 – Seal failure

Certain factors can lead to seal failure. The roughness, incorrect diameter, are few causes that can lead to the failure of the seal. To prevent it, it is important to use the appropriate lubricant before starting the machine, wipe the seal, and make sure to regularly maintain it.

Fluid pressure range, not only helps in operating the system but maintains the pressure this helps in preventing the failure of the seal. The trusting speed, temperature range, the fluid or lubricant type, the accurate dimension of the cylinder, and most importantly the application that it will be used in.

Every hydraulic cylinder is made with a special design to fulfill the purpose, the hydraulic cylinder used in crane will be different than that in the pully. The pressure applied to do the task since it is automated it needs to be made with proper precision to complete the task without any problem.

Therefore, getting an excellent result from the hydraulic cylinder, it is important to look for a good hydraulic cylinder repair who is the subject matter expert and can provide great assistance. Make sure without the right knowledge in maintaining these machines, it is advisable not to touch and disturb by interrupting the functioning of the machine.


Various other contributing factors can cause the failure of the hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder repair prevents such failure and keeps it long for a longer period. However, when noticing any signs and symptoms of hydraulic cylinder failure make sure to immediately contact a well-known and reputed maintenance company instead of trying it yourself.

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