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New York is one of those cities where drivers require special insurance for rideshare companies. No matter what kind of car you are driving you require this license. TLC insurance Broker in NYC is required to drive the following vehicles.

  • Limo
  • Taxi
  • Driving
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Via

This means that all kinds of car services require their drivers to have TLC insurance in NY.

General Information of TLC Insurance

TLC means Taxi and Limo Commission. In New York City all rideshare drivers require this insurance. It was started in 1971 and till then it is regulating taxi licenses to all parts of New York City.

It is important that the driver owns TLC insurance to transport fare-paying passengers in NYC. The legal requirement from New york city and also ensures passenger security as well.

Do You require TLC insurance to drive in NYC?


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Not all drivers require TLC insurance when driving a car in New York. If you are driving your personal car you don’t need TLC insurance. To legally operate a Taxi and For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) in New York you require TLC insurance.

It is also a requirement that Taxi drivers also carry some sort of liability insurance. This will also cover accidental damage when driving a car for commercial tasks. This TLC insurance will cover passengers property damage in case of an accident.

What areas Does TLC insurance in NYC cover?

The basic TLC insurance covers a wide range of features.  All of these features include.

  •  Property Damage Coverage (PD)
  • PIP (Personal Insurance Protection) Coverage
  • Motorized uninsured coverage (UM)

All of these are third party protections because it provides protection to your passenger property. In case of accidents, it covers injuries medication for the passenger. Through PIP all medical coverage will be covered no matter which driver was faulty.

Different types of TLC insurance Coverage

The TLC insurance requires a vehicle from 1 to 8 seats. For these vehicles, you will require minimum liability coverage of 100,000$. Your TLC insurance will be designed according to your preferences.

It will accommodate the features of what you are willing to pay and whatnot. No matter what kind of FHV you are driving you require TLC insurance inside New York City. For that, you can contact a TLC insurance broker Here.

How the TLC Insurance Cost is Calculated in NYC. 

There are various things that are included when your TLC premium is calculated. These are all the following points to look for.

  • Driving history
  • Auto history
  • Number of years as a commercial driver
  • Claims record
  • Police history
  • Citation history
  • Vehicle details
  • Driver’s age
  • Additional driving training or safety measures

This means the cost of your TLC insurance depends upon your driving history. The more messed up driving history you have, the more it will cost you to get TLC.

How to get Free TLC insurances?

To get free quotes for TLC insurance NYC, there are two different ways. In the first method, you can visit a
TLC insurance broker office. They will get your personal and driving information. After getting your information they will email you the quote.

Other than that there are some digital apps that provide you with the information and paperwork you require to get TLC insurance in NYC.

What Information do you have to Provide to get TLC Insurance?

The following information will be required from the driver to apply for TLC insurance.

  • Your Personal Information (Name, address, and age)
  • TLC plate
  • All Driving History
  • Your vehicle information (Mileage, year of making, model, etc.)
  • TLC base card and vehicle title.

So, these are some of the main guidelines that you have to follow to get TLC insurance in NYC.

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