Top 10 Apps for iPhone

Here are our carefully selected top 10 apps for iPhone users.

Top 10 Apps for iPhone

1: MyFitnessPal:

MyFitnessPal is amazingly simple to use. It has a very rich database of foods and their nutrition. With this iPhone app you can count the calories and track your exercise.

2: Timeful:

Timeful is another useful app to help people do things that they wish to do but unable to manage time. It notes your free time slots and then help you manage time without compromising on your duties. Moreover it also suggest new useful habits to adopt.

3: EasilyDo:

EasilyDo connects with most of your online applications and prompts you important things to do quickly and easily. For instance saving contacts of new social media friends, responding to upcoming important days such as birthdays, festivals, etc.

4: Messenger:

With Messenger you can text, call, send audio or video messages, and share files, all free. You can even do group chats. You can take a photo or record a video from this app and then share it while interacting with your contact.

5: Instagram:

Instagram is visually rich way of social networking. You can take your photos and make videos, transform them into piece of art and then share with the world. It’s a place where you will also be able to see personal posts by celebrities and creative people around the world.

6: Itunes U:

iTunes U is an educational app. It’s like a virtual classroom with which you can learn and teach to a lot of individuals together like a classroom. It provides you free educational content from all over the world.

7: Pandora:

With Pandora you can search songs of your choice and also make a list of your hundred radio stations so that you only listen what you love even when in your car.

8: Amazon:

Amazon is your online shopping store app. With amazon you can search products that you need, read reviews, and find most suitable deals. It’s fast, secure and as easy on you iPhone as on computer.

9: Dropbox:

Dropbox enables you synch all your important data scattered on different devices at one place safe on cloud. You can then access them from anywhere.

10: Yelp:

Yelp help you find food and other service places nearby along with reviews. It really helps when you are not at a well acquainted place and realize why it is one of our top 10 apps for iPhone.

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