Top 7 Effective Yoga Poses to Increase Height

Effective Yoga Poses to Increase Height – Research shows that a decent height not only gives you great physical advantages but it also boosts your personality. If you are tall, you could be easily spotted that eventually enhances your personality. Being taller gives you self confidence and somehow adds an extra essence to your entire personality.

Top 7 Effective Yoga Poses to Increase Height

You would be surprised to know that a good height is also related to your high IQ Level and positive attitude. But, the motive isn’t to make you feel low, if you are short. You might have come across the different types of perception like after 18 your height does not grow. It is not true, Yoga gives you a chance to practice few important poses and grow your height. You can join a Yoga School in India where you can learn more about it.

Once you are motivated and convinced enough that you want a decent height, the next step is just to seek Yoga Teacher Training in India. Yoga is beneficial and so helps us to improve our eyesight, gain or lose weight, enhances our memory power and also helps us to increase our height. All you need to do is to learn properly and then accurately initiate the poses. To learn Yoga, you can definitely opt for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Here, the school offers you the complete information about Yoga and also grant you the space to practice and preach yoga poses that can help you to increase your height.

Common Yoga Poses to Increase Your Height

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose 

  • You must lie flat on your stomach
  • Make sure your toes touch each other
  • Move your hands and it should be at the shoulder level
  • Now, place your palms on the floor
  • You can place your body’s weight on your palms
  • Now, inhale, raise your hand and then trunk
  • At this stage, your arms should be bent at your elbows
  • In the process of replicating the cobra, you must arch your neck backward
  • Your shoulder blades should be firm and make sure it is away from your ears
  • Press your hips, thighs and feet to the floor
  • Hold the asanas for not less than 15 to 30 seconds

Bhujangasana helps to stretch all the muscles, chest and shoulders which increases flexibility, strengthens the joints and arms and decreases the stiffness.

Marijasana or cat pose

  • Come onto your fours
  • Try to form a table in such a way that your back forms a table top
  • Now, keep your arms perpendicular to the floor
  • Put your hands directly under the shoulders and flat on the ground
  • Make sure your knees are hip-width apart
  • Now, look straight ahead
  • Inhale, raise your chin and then tilt your head back
  • You must push your naval downwards
  • Then, make sure you do raise your tailbone
  • Compress your buttocks, you must feel a slight tingle
  • Now, hold this pose and then take deep breathes
  • You must also try the countermovement

It helps to strengthen and straighten your spinal cord and also increases the strength of abdominal muscles. 

Tadasana or Mountain Pose 

  • Stand straight and place your legs slightly apart with your hands hanging sideways
  • Make your thigh muscles strong, lift your kneecaps
  • You must not harden the lower part of your belly
  • Make sure you do strengthen the inner arches of the inner ankles when you lift them
  • Gently turn upper thighs inward
  • Elongate the tailbone towards the floor
  • Now, lift the pubis so that it is closer to the naval

It improves the body posture, strengthens keens and ankles, and reduces flat feet. 

Vrikshasana or Tree Pose

  • Stand erect and keep the feet together
  • Now, fold the right leg and place it at the top of left thighs
  • Your toes of your right leg should be pointed downwards
  • Your right leg should be perpendicular to the left leg
  • Extend your arms above your head
  • Inhale and then practice namaskar mudras with your palm
  • Try to make sure spine straight and stretch from toes to fingers
  • Exhale and bring your arms and leg down
  • Repeat the same steps

It also strengthens our arms, thighs, shoulders, and spine. Also, it reduces the risks of sciatica that is a kind of nerve pain.

Trikonasana or Triangle pose 

  • Stand straight and then place your legs apart
  • Your right foot should be placed outside at 90 degrees and left foot should be at 15 degrees
  • The arch of the left feet should be aligned with the center of right heel
  • Your feet should be pressing the ground
  • Take a deep breath when you exhale    
  • You must bend your body to the right ensuring your waist is straight
  • Let your right hand touch the ground
  • Lift your left hand
  • Your arms should form a straight line
  • Rest your right hand on ankle or shin
  • Your head must rest in the neutral position
  • Your body must bent sideways
  • Chest and pelvis should be wide open
  • Drop your arms and straighten your feet
  • Repeat the same

It tones the ankles, reduces the stress and increases the stability.

Chakrasana or Wheel Pose 

  • Lie flat on your back
  • You must bend your knees
  • Make sure soles of your feet are on the floor and should be closer to your buttocks
  • Your feet should be hip-width apart
  • Your hands must be placed just behind your shoulders
  • Your opened up fingers must be pointed towards shoulders
  • Press your feet and palms and then lift your entire body off the mat
  • Elongate the neck and gently hang your head
  • Breathe slowly

It reduces anxiety and depression. It also helps to expand the shoulders and chest. Most importantly it helps to reduce the weight.

Ustrasana or Camel Pose 

  • Kneel on your mat and place your hands on your hips
  • Knees and shoulders should be on the same line
  • Soles of your feet must be facing the ceiling
  • You must draw your tailbone towards the pubis
  • You might feel a pull at the naval
  • At first, arc your back; gently slide your palms over your feet
  • Straighten your arms
  • Your neck should not be strained; it must be in a neutral position
  • Before releasing the pose, hold this pose for 30 to 60 seconds

It reduces the fat on the thighs and also helps to cure constipation.

These are some of the Yoga Poses that could help you to increase your height. You can follow the steps and learn its benefits as well. Try to perform the steps appropriately to gain the benefits it provides.

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