Top 8 Reasons to Consider Epoxy Floor Coating for Your Commercial Facility

Whether you are building a new home or business facility or planning to replace an existing garage floor then you always want some different, attractive and high-quality floor that gives stunning look to your workplace. 

For this here is the best solution called Epoxy Garage Floor Coating. Yes, it is one the best and most versatile flooring solutions of all sorts of commercial, educational, healthcare, hospitals, and industrial facilities. This is the best floor coatings tailored to different types of conditions and needs. 

Top 8 Reasons to Consider Epoxy Floor Coating for Your Commercial Facility

Today most business owners and homeowners make use of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating to protect their concrete floor from stain and other damage. These floor coatings keep your floor safe as well as provide you an excellent and fine finishing. 

Generally, epoxy floor coating is made up of epoxide resin, polyamine, and other solvents. One of the most effective and important qualities of these floor coatings is that they produce new immovability and endurance to the surface. 

Nowadays, these garage floors are available in the market within different colors, patterns, and shades. You can easily buy these floors coating from the market as per your needs and requirements. In short, you can say that it is a long term investment to save time and money. 

If you are not familiar with epoxy garage floor coatings and confused about which application you need to choose for your garage floor then here are some reasons to consider these floor coating for your floor.

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Reason # 1

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating is more durable:

If you want to choose the most durable material for your commercial facility then epoxy garage floor coating is the best option. This coating is highly durable because it made up of heavy-duty resin polymers that prevent your surface from ultraviolet rays as well as heat and fire resistance. 

It is a long term investment. If you apply this application on your garage floor then you don’t need to worry about any type of damage for up to 20 years. The epoxy garage floor coatings are very easy to clean and low maintenance cost. 

Reason # 2

Epoxy Appearance and covering defects:

Usually, the epoxy garage floor gives your surface stunning and sleek look. It protects your concrete floor from stain and damage. Moreover, it can enhance the appearance and overall performance of the floor. 

It also protects your surface from all toxic substances like acid, harmful chemical and heavy equipment. These coatings are available within different colors and shades so, you can choose a better fit for your workplace. Plus, you can make use of different colors to define different work zone. 

If you want better traction towards your surface then you can add decorative chips of mica and quartz in the epoxy mixture.  

Reason # 3

Epoxy is safe and Hygienic:

It is difficult to believe that all types of flooring can be safer but the epoxy floor coating really safest and hygienic type of coating. One reason has to do the way of its installation. yes, It is applied on the surface within a continuous pouring process to makes it completely seamless.

These floor coatings are resisting slipping, heavy impact, temperature, and fire as well. So, there is less danger chance of falls and other accidents. Moreover, it treated quickly and also has affordable repairs options. Today all of the professionals make use of these coatings in their commercial facilities.  

Reason # 4

Epoxy considers as more environment-friendly:

All of epoxy floor coatings made up of chemical-free solvent. This means that this floor coating doesn’t contain any type of Volatile organic compounds. And they cannot emit dangerous gases to the environment. These floor coatings can increase light reflectivity and save energy. Moreover, epoxy floor coatings involve less waste as compare to tiles and other flooring options. 

Reason # 5 

Epoxy provides long-lasting protection:

Concrete, metal and tile flooring may be hard but are not durable. It can’t handle the foot traffic and heavy equipment for years. At some level, your floor can lead to surface damage. This includes spalling and excessive cracking.

On the other hand, epoxy floor coating is indestructible for a longer duration. Epoxy coatings provide a protective layer on the surface of the floor and prevent your floor from physical and chemical damages. So, the result is less breakage and greater workplace safety. 

Reason # 6

Easy to Maintain:

Cleaning is very important for everything to make them useful for a longer duration. But nowadays people are very busy in their day to day schedule and don’t have time for cleaning and maintenance. Then in this situation, these epoxy garage floor coating and the commercial epoxy floors are one of the best options. 

When you choose these floor coatings in your room and garage then you don’t need to very about maintenance. Generally, it reduces dust and cement particles. These floor coatings require little maintenance. You can make use of mop, broom or vacuum to clean the floor. even bacteria, germs and other harmful chemicals do not stay on the epoxy floor.

Reason # 7

Compatible with Vehicle:

Epoxy floor and coatings have the ability to hold the significant weight and also consider the viable surface to park heavy equipment and vehicle for long term storage. Due to its intensified tensile strength epoxy coating are able to support your car weight. 

On the other hand, other floors will corroded with time due to vehicle weight and require restoration services but epoxy floor coatings are strong and durable. It doesn’t corrode and damage with the weight of the vehicle. 

Reason # 8

Epoxy Installation Professionals:

If you have considered these reasons and want to choose this method for your garage floor then reliable companies provide you the teams of professional experts for installing the coatings as per your needs and requirements.  

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